February makes baseball fans giddy. On the back end of winter, images of Spring Training symbolize both better weather and the return of America's pastime.

For the players, they are giddy to be back on the field, but they also have some work ahead of them.

For two players, Hunter Pence of the Giants and Dee Gordon of the Marlins, their early Spring Training work will also benefit others. As part of Fitbit Celebrity Challenges, Pence and Gordon are having their steps tracked Feb. 23-27. The athlete who has the most steps tracked at the end of the week will have a $10,000 donation to the American Heart Association written in his name.

But there's a catch. Fans can support a player of their choice. For every $1 donated, the player earns 10 steps. The winner of the competition will be announced Feb. 28.

Training Secrets With Dee Gordon and Hunter Pence

Along with the Pence vs. Gordon matchup, Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Hilary Rhoda and Erin Heatherton went toe-to-toe last week in the same challenge. Rhoda's 104,613 steps edged Heatherton's 75,645. Fan can follow Fitbit Celebrity Challenges won Fitbit.com and with the hashtag #FitbitforAHA.

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