By Katie Rosenbrock

Maybe at first, dating a runner might not seem like a bright idea. Really, who wants to spend the majority of their time with a fitness-obsessed freak who usually wakes up before the sun is out, hands over their hard earned cash for race entry fees and is probably missing a few toenails?

It doesn’t really sound all that great, does it? Well, maybe we can convince you to reconsider, because if you can get over the toenail thing (really, that's only true for a small portion of long-distance runners anyway), then you'll likely find that dating a runner comes along with a pretty long list of sweet perks.

And I’m not just saying that because I am a runner. I asked my boyfriend to share his perspective. “You’re passionate, dedicated and just the perfect amount of nuts,” he said, inserting a smiling emoji with its tongue sticking out and a “JK.” (Whatever, most runners can admit they're a little nuts, so no need to cushion the blow.)

“But seriously, just being fit and pushing others to better themselves, but not in an overbearing way,” he said. “Being around someone with too much passion can rub off on another person the wrong way.”

So there you have it; dating a runner means you get a partner who will inspire you to be better, not by badgering you, but simply by being who they are and doing what they love to do.

And if you’re still not convinced, continue reading to find out a few more (really good) reasons you might consider dating a runner.

7 Reasons To Date A Runner


Runners Are Dedicated And Loyal

There's a reason most runners have been working at their sport for years and years; most people who run are loyal to the sport because they're dedicated to getting better every day. If you date a runner, chances are that aspect of their personality carries over to other areas of their life, so you'll find yourself with a loyal and loving partner who's committed to you and your relationship.


You'll Travel More Often

One thing about running that's fun not only for runners, but also their close companions: destination races. If you date a runner, chances are you'll start to travel more, spending quality time with and cheering on your athlete as you follow them to new race locations.


You'll Have A Healthy Partner.

Runners appreciate the importance of good health. From their daily workouts to eating nutritiously, most runners have the whole "healthy lifestyle" thing locked in, which means if you're in it for the long haul, you can likely expect to enjoy a long life of health and happiness with your runner. Of course if you want to reap the same benefits, you might want to pick up some of those healthy habits if you haven't already.


You'll Have An Unwavering Support System.

Runners know what it takes to stay focused and determined, which means many are great at motivating others, too. Any dilemma you might find yourself in, you can always count on your runner to help give you the extra support and inspiration you need to pull through.


You Won't Need An Alarm Clock.

You may not appreciate this “perk” at first, but since most runners are up before the crack of dawn, chances are your companion will also become your own personal alarm clock. Maybe you'll become a morning person… Or maybe you'll roll back over and continue that love affair with the snooze button; it’s totally up to you.


You’ll Have Your Own Personal Cheerleader.

Runners not only understand what it’s like to be passionate about something, but also the importance of the encouragement and praise needed to keep you moving forward towards your goals. So when it's your turn to take the spotlight with whatever hobby or activity it is you love most, you can always count on your runner to be right by your side cheering you on and encouraging you to do your best.


Exercise Gives You Endorphins. Endorphins Make You Happy.

Yes, I just quoted Elle Woods, but come on; she had a really good point. What better reason to date a runner than the fact that nine times out of ten they're probably in a really good mood. Runner's high is real. Just watch out for times when your runner might be hangry (angry due to extreme hunger); that's also real, but luckily it can be remedied simply by providing your runner with something good to eat.

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