Denver Broncos fans have found an interesting and hilarious way to break up the monotony of training camp.

Before a recent practice, as the players stretched on the field, three thousand fans in attendance mimicked their every move. As you can imagine, the sight of several thousand orange-and-blue-clad supporters participating in a group stretch produced a very cool image.

Not only did the players take notice, they loved the fans' stunt.

“That’s a moment I’ll never forget,” safety Rahim Moore told the team website. “Even Champ (Bailey) was like, ‘What are they doing?’ I said, ‘Man, they’re stretching.’ It was a great moment. It was very funny.”

More than getting a laugh out of the stretch, some players said seeing the fans join them served as motivation.

“That’s very encouraging that we’ve got a fan base that stands behind us and really encourages us to keep going because it gets hot out here, we get tired sometimes, but seeing those fans out here gives us some confidence and allows us to keep going,” linebacker Steven Johnson said. “It felt like one whole body. They’re our 12th man."

Kudos to whichever clever fan thought of this idea, and here's to hoping it becomes a tradition in Denver.