How do you prepare to run 135 miles in the desert? SB Nation's Stridenation spoke to Meredith Dolhare about her preparations to run the Badwater Ultramarathon, a run that takes participants through Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, Calif.

To get ready for the heat, she told the website, she uses a "hot box" treadmill, which is just a treadmill surrounded by heat warmers.

"Lots of people layer their clothes and run outside, and I did do some of that -- I would wear pants, and a couple long-sleeve shirts and run outside," she told the site. "But I had the opportunity because my kids have this treehouse, and their older now, and we had an extra treadmill from my grandfather, who was the most supportive person of my athletic career, before I met my husband. My grandfather passed away last year, but he would just think this was the greatest thing, that I put his treadmill in my kids' treehouse and with space heaters around it."

And in case she gets too hot during the race, as she told the site:

"We have a coffin-size cooler -- literally -- that I sit inside that we're picking up at Bass Pro Shops, so if i need to lower my core temperature I can dunk into that."

For all those runners who are worried about running in the heat wave sweeping much of the country, we encourage you to check out the article for inspiration.

(Or just take our approach and find an air conditioned gym and be totally inspired).

The Badwater started Monday. Below is some video of last year's race.

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