Despite all the health benefits that yoga offers to a wide range of people, the modern stereotype often centers around sexy young women with toned bodies in tight pants. But what about everyone else who would be interested in practicing yoga? Or more bluntly, what about Fat Yoga?

That, in fact, is the name of a studio in Portland that just opened this year.

"I say I'm fat 'cause, guess what, I know I'm fat," Anna Ipox, the owner of Fat Yoga, told KPTV. "Our American script says, 'No, you’re not fat, just some other euphemism, thick, fluffy, big-boned, portly, whatever.'"

Ipox, who has practiced yoga since 2001, decided to open her own studio because of her frustration with instructors that didn't understand how to work with heavier students.

"Child's pose is impossible if you have belly fat or thick thighs," she told KPTV. "They just have no idea what it is to have a big body. I remember teachers pushing on my hips to make it happen. It's not a flexibility thing and I couldn't articulate any of that."

Ipox also says she is fighting "fat hate."

"Fat girls shouldn’t wear stretch pants, they shouldn’t wear white, they shouldn't wear yoga pants and you're not allowed to let your fat jiggle," she told KPTV of what she sees online. "I just realized I'm gonna make the place I want to go."

One of the class participants at Ipox's studio endorsed the concept and Ipox's branding.

"We come here to have that space and hold that space and be healthy and get our sweat on and laugh and have a good time," Melissa Brown told KPTV. "I really think she nailed it right on the head. Yoga for fat people. Fat Yoga."