ThePostGame caught up with Olympic swimmer turned reality show star Ryan Lochte at the Kickball Spectacle Kick-Off for the American Honey Bar-sity Athletics Social Sports Program.

ThePostGame: So you're here to play kickball today. Are you any good at it? How did you prepare for the big game?
RYAN LOCHTE: I don't know if I'm a good kickball player, I know I'm a good athlete. I've been known to kick the ball around when I was younger, but this is totally a different atmosphere. But you know what, we're coming out here today to represent ... and we're going to have a good time.

TPG: For the Olympics, I read that you did crazy workouts to get ready for the Games including pushing tires and stuff like that. Are you still doing those? Or have you changed anything?
LOCHTE: I'm still doing that.

TPG: Is there anything you've added to your special sauce of training?
LOCHTE: I haven’t added anything, I’m still doing everything I used to do – I’m just doing it differently now. I’m getting older, my body can’t handle all the stuff I used to do, but I’m still training the exact same -- I'm still pushing my body to limits that I’ve never even known before, so it’s good.

TPG: What are you doing differently?
LOCHTE: I'm doing a lot more cardio workouts like whether it's biking, running, I'm doing a lot more of that, so that's a lot different than stuff I've done in the past.

TPG: How do you balance all of that with all of the partying and the show?
LOCHTE: No matter what I'm doing, I'm training. I'm training every day and I think that's something I won't lose -- no matter what I do, no matter what event I’m at, I always find a way to train. It's just something that I love to do.

TPG: Someone else in the swimming community mentioned on Twitter that they wished your reality show showed more of you doing all the charity work you do instead of just partying. Do you wish the show showed more of that or will we see any more of things like that?
LOCHTE: You will, I mean that was just the first episode. The first episode is just getting everyone around me introduced to the show. So the next episode you might see me do something for my charity, hang out with my family, be a more loving, not just a party guy.