Always known as one of the fittest players on the men's tour, Andre Agassi has parlayed his devotion to conditioning into an extremely impressive post-career pursuit.

Last year Agassi and his longtime trainer, Gil Reyes, unveiled a line of fitness equipment called BILT. And this week one of their signature pieces, the Change Of Direction (COD) Machine, was honored with the prestigious 2013 FIBO Innovation Award for its design and safety.

The award's jury determined the machine was designed to allow ergonomically correct movements whether the user is squatting or standing. Moreover, there is a natural posture and the precise lines of the exercise are guaranteed. This way the back and neck muscles are spared.

"Gil and I are extremely honored to have won a globally recognized award within our first year of entering such a competitive industry," Agassi said. "This award provides validation to the team's commitment to uncompromised focus on providing tools aimed at maximizing personal gains through innovation without sacrificing safety."

The COD's IntelliLift™ resistance system further enhances the machine, exercising deep-lying muscles that are not often utilized during workouts.

“There are a number of different machines that target the individual elements, but no device is similar to the C.O.D. in its ability to do it all," Agassi said.

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