If Prince Fielder looks a little slimmer than normal on Opening Day, Detroit Tigers fans can thank his grueling offseason MMA workout for their star first baseman's new body.

The 28-year-old Fielder, who stands 6 feet tall and has weighed as much as 275 pounds, has been working out at VI Levels Fitness in Orlando. Bas Rutten, a former MMA champion, recently posted a photo of Fielder on his Facebook page, and the 4-time All-Star is looking good.

Fielder has two stripes on his white belt, which means he's halfway towards earning a blue belt.

But staying in shape isn't the only reason Fielder was eager to try MMA. He told Click Orlando recently that he was bullied as a child, and he doesn't want his sons to suffer the same teasing. So he brings his boys along with him to VI Levels Fitness.

"I just never want them to feel, have their feelings hurt or lose confidence, just because of what someone says," Fielder said.

Maybe now that Fielder is a little lighter, he'll be on the right end of plays like this.

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