We can't say that Men's Health "invented" the coregasm, but we were the first (as far as Lexis Nexis records it) to come up with a name for the phenomenon of a woman having an orgasm from exercise.

Back in March 2007, we blogged about a story in which one of our fitness advisers offhandedly remarked that an adult film actress he had trained would orgasm while performing hanging leg raises. When the post was published, the emails poured in from women who confirmed this did, in fact, happen to non-porn stars.

Thus was born Coregasm. (Years later, we even published a Coregasm Workout!)

But Coregasm -- like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and a decent Oscars host -- proved elusive. Six years later, Men's Health is once again in pursuit of the Coregasm, and a mystery man who just might be the key to solve the riddle. Watch the video below for a glimpse into his search.

Follow along with us at Men’s Health as we investigate to answer once and for all: Coregasm, Fact or Fiction?

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