Last time we heard from Maryana Naumova, the 13-year-old weightlifting sensation, she was putting up 198 pounds at the World Powerlifting Congress World Championships in Las Vegas.

And if you thought that was impressive, wait until you see a new video of Maryana that's circulating the internet.

In just a few short months, Naumova has apparently gone from bench-pressing 198 pounds to 240 pounds. And we've got video proof.

The clip below is taken from this video filmed at the 2013 Arnold Classic, which is a weightlifting expo named for, you guessed it, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The video has nearly half a million views in just a few days.

One recent online report said that Maryana weighs 114 pounds while another from last year had her pegged closer to 104 pounds. In either case, she is benching double her bodyweight, which is stunning.

This is one determined teen. Maryana, who has set more than 10 world records, recently discussed her motivation with Muscle and Fitness.

"When I'm holding the barbell, I feel like my body is changing," Maryana said. "Other girls my age are overweight and have cellulite. I want to be beautiful and strong. I want to be an example to other kids."