If you sit in front of keyboard all day, you should start doing an exercise called the wall slide immediately. Why? Because it helps undo the damage caused by slumping forward all day. After all, a hunched posture can leave you with the rounded shoulders look of a caveman. Worse, it can also lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain. So use the wall slide to beat back bad posture for good. In fact, for best results, do this exercise up to three times a day. (It's easy to do in your office.) 

Yes, it looks simple -- and it is. But you’ll love how good it makes your shoulders and upper back feel, says David Jack, performance coach who instructs you in the all-new Men's Health Spartacus Workout DVD

Watch the video below to see how to do the wall slide with perfect form.

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If you're hunched over a computer right now, get up and try The Antidote to Sitting All Day.

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