Dwight Howard has always been known for his smooth moves-- both in the post and on the dance floor.

With his time on the court limited this summer because of a back injury, Howard put in time working on his dancing, and he says it's paid off big time. The 7-footer credits his quick recovery from surgery to the hours he spent practicing the dance to the pop hit Gangnam Style.

"Gagnam style has helped me strengthen my core and lower back," Howard told Laker Nation. "I’ve got a great PT program, but this dance has taken me to the next level."

After months of rehab and dancing, Howard is reportedly ahead of schedule on his recovery, and his teammates are amazed.

"Whatever he’s doing to get ready for the season, he should keep doing it," Kobe Bryant said. "I’m not seeing any problems."

Howard even showed of his Gangnam Style moves during a recent Lakers-Trailblazers preseason game. Bryant, however, did not want any part in the shenanigans.

"I don’t ride horseys," Bryant said.

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