If you want to work your guns and your lungs, you have to try the resistance-band jumping jack curl, from B.J. Gaddour, creator of SPEED SHRED -- the first-ever DVD transformation program from Men's Health. The exercise is exactly what it sounds like: You do a resistance-band curl as you perform a jumping jack. But don't mistake this for some Denise Austin band exercise. This one is surprisingly brutal -- in a good way!

That's because you'll loop the band around your feet, which will force your glutes to fire every time you kick your legs out. So it adds a new challenge to the jumping jack. And, of course, curling as you do the jacks will leave your biceps burning.

Watch the video to see how to do the resistance-band jumping jack curl with perfect form. (You'll need a large continuous loop resistance band; we like the ones at resistancebandtraining.com.)

Then try this routine for a total-body blast that will light your arms, glutes, and lungs on fire: Simply perform the movement for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. That's one set. Do a total of eight sets, for a surprisingly tough four-minute routine.

You can also mix it up by alternating sets of the jumping jack curls with jumping jack overhead presses. (Press the band overhead as you do a jumping jack.) So in this case, you'd do four sets of each exercise.

And if you like the challenge of this workout, you'll love SPEED SHRED. With 18 workouts -- and hundreds of cutting-edge exercises -- this plan will change the way you train forever. All to get you lean, ripped, and shredded!

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