Many people put a great deal of time in training their chest but don't often see the results they want. Here are some mistakes to avoid, so your chest day doesn't go to waste.

If you have bad chest genetics, and your chest progress seems to lag behind the rest of your muscles, then this is especially important. No matter what anyone says, the best way to build up a bulging chest is to combine a good chest routine with an impeccable diet.

Doing High Reps Of Push-Ups
Pushups are great for anyone who is new to fitness or looking to maintain their chest strength. They are a staple of many chest routines, but they can only do so much. You want to focus on exercises with more weight and lower reps rather than high-rep (and low weight) exercises like the standard pushup. For example, three sets of heavy bench presses would be way more beneficial to pumping up your chest than 60 pushups. If you really love pushups, do them with added weight.

Improper Bench Press Form
To get the maximum chest growth out of your bench presses, you want to use a wide lateral grip on the bar. Just like a wide stance pushup, a wide grip bench press puts most of the stress from the lift smack dab on your pectorals.

Also, use a full range of motion when performing the bench press. A lot of guys add weight but then reduce their range of motion, thus cancelling any benefit of the added weight. Don't even bother doing presses unless you are going to go all the way down to your chest with the bar. Focus on breathing correctly as well.

Neglecting The Eccentric (Downward) Phase
The eccentric phase -- or lowering of the weight -- of your lifts is especially important when it comes to training the chest. Remember, half of your growth comes from performing the lowering portion of a lift correctly. Make sure you lower that weight slowly.

Using Machines
A few of the staff members at Dual Fit are guilty of this. It's OK to throw in a pec-deck[1] set once in a while, but for the most part train your chest using free weights only. Ever notice how machine workouts are just easier in general? You get out what you put in with chest exercises. Also, free weights stimulate the fibers in your chest more effectively (and naturally) than machines.

Neglecting Your Back
Strong back muscles pull the shoulders back and up. No matter how big your chest is, it's not going to look good if your shoulders are rounded. The body prefers to grow different areas at the same pace. If you are neglecting your back, then your chest growth will be limited. Bent over barbell rows and dead lifts can help you develop a back of steel.

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