By Alison Sweeney

Hi, everyone:

People ask me a lot how I stay motivated to exercise. While I can say honestly that on most days I'm pretty fired up for a workout, I definitely have days when the idea of it is daunting. I think we all have those days, when we're feeling tired or unmotivated or overwhelmed by all our other responsibilities. But I really think those are the days when we need exercise most. Here are a few things that make it easier for me to start.

Do something fun
When I'm feeling blah, the idea of 45 minutes on a treadmill isn't very inspiring. So I pick something that's just fun to do. For example, I love basketball. I am a die-hard Lakers fan. So it's fun to get out on the court and play! I love playing tennis, too. It's amazing how quickly an hour or more flies by when I'm totally engaged in one of my favorite sports. I'm moving the whole time, but it's completely different from a gym workout.

Get outside
Some days I tell myself that I just need to step out of my door and start walking, or go for a mellow hike. Even when I'm dragging, walking seems doable, and chances are as I warm up I'll feel energized and pick up the pace.

Go to a great exercise class
An enthusiastic instructor and other motivated people do wonders for my energy level. I always know that once I'm on the bike in one of my favorite spin classes, and the music starts pumping, I'll get excited. And I always feel amazing when the class is over.

How do you get motivated to exercise on low-energy days? Please share your tips!

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