Strong shoulders improve your posture and just give you an overall better look in your whole physique.

The shoulder, also called the deltoid, is pretty much a big ball-and-socket joint. You shoulders consist of the anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid and posterior deltoid. To get big, shapely shoulders, you must work out each part of the deltoid. The anterior deltoid is located in the front of the shoulder. The lateral deltoids are the located on the sides of the shoulder and the posterior deltoid, as I'm sure you guessed, is located in the back of the shoulder.

Before beginning these shoulder exercises, it's important to warm up. Perform 10-15 minutes of light cardio, then do some dynamic stretches focusing on the shoulders.

Arm Swings. Stand up tall with your back straight and shoulders back. Hold both of your arms out at your side a little lower than shoulder height. Slowly begin to swing your arms in front of your body, as if you were to hug yourself. Repeat this motion continuously for about 20-30 seconds.

Arm Circles. Standing up straight, place your hands on your shoulders. Keeping your elbows bent, begin rotating your shoulders in a circular motion in one direction. Repeat this movement for a couple of reps and reverse the direction.

1. Shoulder Press. This move focuses on your anterior deltoid. The secondary muscle working is your lateral deltoid. This move can be done standing, but if you are lifting heavier, it is recommended to perform it sitting with a back support. To perform this exercise: Grab a set of dumbbells and sit in the chair with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight and shoulders tall. Bring the dumbbells up to a little more than shoulder height keeping your wrists facing out. Press the dumbbells up until your arms are extended overhead exhaling as you push up. Inhale as you slowly bring the dumbbells back down to shoulder height. Continue this move for the desired number of reps. It is important to keep your back straight and shoulders up. Try not to arch your back too much beyond what's natural.

2. Anterior Raises. The anterior raise focuses solely on the anterior deltoid. All you need is a set of dumbbells. This move is difficult so it is recommended to choose a weight that is a little lighter than what you would lift for the shoulder press.