Pilates could make all the difference for a big league hitter.

Consider the case of Giants infielder Aubrey Huff.

To prepare for the 2010 season, Huff, whose wife is an instructor, did Pilates three times a week. He went on to hit .290 with 26 homers, 86 RBIs and an .891 OPS, and finished seventh in the voting for National League MVP.

But then he dropped Pilates from his workouts before the 2011 season. Or, as he put to the San Francisco Chronicle, "For some stupid reason I didn't do it again."

His numbers in 2011 sunk to a .246 batting average with 12 homers, 59 RBIs and a .696 OPS.

This off-season, Huff isn't taking any chances. Pilates is back in the regimen, and he told the Chronicle, "My body is ripped."

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