You want a consumer culture obsessed with the next fitness craze? Look no further than the history of America's "get fit fast" infomercials, and the lasting impact they've had, though that impact is seldom felt from a fitness perspective. Mike Chang from SixPack Shortcuts does us all a favor and travels back through the fitness time-space continuum, properly displaying the amount of silly in so many of the fitness products millions have bought.

From glorified bed springs to the shake weight, Chang covers the gamut, all with outfits that fit the time period or commercials for the gadgets.

Perhaps the greatest omission on this list was the Nordic Track because those things were all the rage in the 90s. Maybe the Ab Flex and Bowflex, those were pretty big, too. And did we seriously catch a fact about the Ab Lounge destroying people's fingers? Sorry, no six pack is worth NFL offensive lineman hands. Also wince-worthy: watching someone pull on a spring-centric device that was known for breaking frequently. It's like waiting for a jack-in-the-box...only one that snaps the poor fool in the face.

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