Oh, the pitfalls of working behind the camera on a news team.

When on-air talent can't be bothered to take part in a guest's activity, or isn't wearing the proper attire to do a random exercise on live television, it's time for the people that do all of the hard work to look silly at everyone else's expense.

Unfortunately for this poor man dressed in black at the Fox affiliate in Grand Rapids, Mich., his name was called when three exercise balls took the stage.

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As someone whose father spent years as a local news broadcast engineer, I can only shake my head in dismay. You can hardly blame the guy for falling off the ball. Have you ever tried an exercise like that? Rodeo clowns have an easier job. (Not really, but come on, it's unfair this guy had to hop on the ball in the first place). He's just lucky he didn't throw his arm out of his socket.

But you have to hand it to him for raising his pelvis, flexing his glutes, and giving it a whirl in front of live cameras, knowing full well it could end in (minor) disaster.

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