The beauty of the Guinness Book of World Records is that it encourages creativity. It recognizes 36 different kinds of juggling records including "Most Swallowed Swords Whilst Juggling Three Objects" and "Fastest Mile on Pogo Stick Whilst Juggling Three Balls."

Well, someone alert the Guinness folks, because they may need a new category: "Juggling Five Basketballs Using Hands And Feet While Upside Down."

Selyna Bogino is an Italian acrobat and artist who has become an Internet sensation with a video of her preparing to establish a world record in this variety of five-ball juggling.

Bogino can do things with her feet that most of us can't do with our hands. This video proves it as she juggles five basketballs with her hands and feet while laying upside down on her back, a style known as antipode juggling.

Now, according to Bogino's video description, this is simply practice; some "at-home fun," as she tries to beat the world record for longest and most difficult five-ball routine ever.

Practice? Her routine is so impressive that when she is tumbling balls underneath and through her legs it doesn't even look real. But it's quite real. And impressive.

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As a frame of reference, the record for "Longest Duration With Five Basketball" is 37.46 seconds, which Pedro Elis Cinta of Spain set in 2009 while standing and using just his hands:

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