If you live in an NFL city, take a look around next time you pay a visit to your local YMCA. You may be working out next to an NFL player.


Because of the lockout, NFL players are barred from working out at team facilities. So if they don’t have equipment at their homes -- which isn't likely -- they're forced to work out at commercial gyms just like you and me.

In an entertaining story published Tuesday, The Florida Times-Union reports Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee (right) and punter Adam Podlesh are working out at a Jacksonville Y, while Eugene Monroe and Kevin Haslem are training at a Lifestyle Family Fitness.

Some players are training on their own, using the knowledge that they’ve gleaned from numerous years in supervised strength programs. Others are signing up with personal trainers. (See, NFL players aren’t that different from us after all!)

"You're going to have some NFL players that are going to treat it as a vacation," said Tony Villani of XPE Sports, who works with about two dozen veterans during a normal offseason. "And some NFL players that are going to say, 'I have to work harder than I would be.'"

How can you spot an NFL player in your midst? Well, he's probably going to be the biggest and strongest person in the gym, unless you work out on Venice Beach. And he's probably going to be doing exercises that could land you in traction.

So please, don't try this stuff at your local 24 Hour Fitness unless you have a spotter.

Or an NFL player.