After a grueling year in which Robert Griffin III earned NFL Rookie of the Year honors and then spent the next few months rehabbing from knee surgery, one would think he would be able to take some time off on his honeymoon.

Think again.

Griffin, who married his college sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat in a ceremony in Denver over the weekend, has said he will be continuing to rehab his knee in advance of Washington's first day of training camp on July 25.

“I’m planning ahead to make sure I do the things I have to do while I’m on that honeymoon,” Griffin said in June. “And I think I’m a responsible guy, so I’ll make sure I do everything I have to, to be ready — cutting , running, working out — and so when I get back and they see me, they’ll be not only impressed , but they’ll feel safe and sound to put me out there."

After suffering a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament and lateral cruciate ligament, injuries which required "total reconstruction" of Griffin's knee, the 23-year-old has been working with trainers for the past six months.

In April, some three months after surgery, Griffin was doing jumping jacks and running in place. By June, he had progressed to "explosive sprinting."

The initial projection was that it would be six to eight months before Griffin's knee was heeled. It's been six months now, so barring setbacks Griffin could be ready to start the Redskins' September 9 opener against the Eagles.

So Redskins fans can rest easy knowing that even though their star quarterback has stopped tweeting while on his honeymoon, the rehab goes on.