Tim Manson says that every single workout he puts Nate Robinson and his other clients through is totally different. There is no typical workout because the body adapts to routine and he tries to stay as far away from that as possible. For someone who wants to improve their jump, or who wants to start jumping the right way, he recommends the simplest of exercises to start with, though only after extensive stretching and what he calls "activity movement preparation."

"When Nate comes in to workout, we'll do at least 30-45 minutes of active prep," he says. "It's all dynamic and stuff to prepare the body for a workout. The idea is to prepare the body to go through a workout at 100 percent without getting hurt."

After you do your own version of stretching and preparing your own body, Manson says you can put yourself through one of the below vertical jumping exercise complexes. These exercise complexes are closed chain, multiple joint threaded exercises that utilize the entire kinetic chain. All exercises are 20 repetitions for two sets with two minutes of recovery between exercises:

1. Mobility (bodyweight stabilization, flexibility, strength)
Weighted Bar Straight Leg Ground Push + Overhead Concentric Squat + Overhead Squat

2. Mobility Power Absorption (resistive stabilization, flexibility, strength, explosive power, absorption)
One dumbbell in each hand: Straight Leg Ground Push + Squat + Explosive Overhead Concentric Vertical Jump to Absorption Stick.

3. Strength Power Absorption
One dumbbell in each hand: Hanging 6-Count Burpee to Explosive Vertical Jump to Absorption Stick.

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