After mastering the basic squat, you can expand your repertoire to split leg squats. This exercise will hit your muscles from a different angle, which helps you avoid falling into a rut. Watch Travelle Gaines, the trainer for many pro athletes, demonstrate the right right way to perform it:

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Last month we shared a story about how Danica Patrick was documenting the progress of her yoga practice with Instagram photos and videos. Now Patrick apparently feels comfortable enough to bring her yoga to the beach.

Here are her latest entries via Instagram:

A lot of people think sweat gross. Gatorade, in its half-century of existence, has tried to make sweat cool. Remember those commercials when athletes used to sweat colored Gatorade?

Now, Gatorade is encouraging fitness and sweat through a new series of videos that will haunt you in your dreams. Imagine you are a college student trying to buy a Gatorade bottle and this happens.

OK, maybe J.J. Watt will not sprawl out of the machine every time. The point of the ad is to show how Gatorade helps rehydrate individuals who exercise. The slogan of the current campaign is "You don't sweat it, you don't get it."

Watt also broke other machines during the Gatorade taping:

In another ad, he just takes the vending machine away after a kid says, "I don't do sweat."

Indoors, students faced the same challenges to attain Gatorade, but instead of being met with Watt's intimidation, the students endured coaching from the polo-wearing Manning brothers. Bad comedian Eli Manning is at his finest, while Peyton brings more veteran leadership.

Peyton may be the tougher Manning. Here, he makes a student do wall-sits on the vending machine:

Being the Mannings, Eli and Peyton could not let the series go on without a few good jokes. While the student is doing wall-sits, the brothers talk lunch:

The videos were taped on a college campus with hidden cameras set up at both locations. The custodian role is played by Rob Belushi, son of actor Jim Belushi. Gatorade is using the hashtag, #WinFromWithin, to match with the "Sweat It To Get It" program.

Nat Young is at home on the water. But to be a champion on the surfboard sometimes requires him to put his efforts into other disciplines. Occasionally, the fish must come out of water to do some hard work in the gym. It may not be as fun as riding the waves, but it might be the difference-maker for Young when he paddles out past the break.

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When you hear the word "cardio," what comes to mind? Maybe pounding the pavement or rides on an uncomfortable bike seat or any form of torture.

But your mindset will change after this countdown challenge from Men's Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour, C.S.C.S., because he's about to make cardio a heck of a lot more exciting. (Lose your gut without ever stepping on the treadmill again. Here are 1.)

The routine is simple, but super-effective. You'll grab a stopwatch, and time yourself doing only two bodyweight exercises -- €”the blast-off pushup and the lateral lunge with hop -- €”as a countdown. So you'll perform 20 reps of the blast-off pushup, and then immediately do 20 reps of the lateral lunge. Next you'll perform 18 reps of each. Then 16 reps. As you work your way down the ladder, you'll continue to decrease the number of reps by two until you make your way to zero.

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"You're cramming a ton of work into a short amount of time with minimal rest, which increases the intensity," says Gaddour, who demos the workout in the video. And he's not kidding. By the time you're finished, you'll have completed 110 fast-paced reps of each exercise or 220 reps total. A good time to shoot for is about 10 minutes, but you should write down your score and compete against yourself every week.

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(Wondering how other guys reach their goals? These 6 Insanely Fit Guys Tell You One Thing They Do Each Day. It's practical AND inspirational.)

Find yourself slowing down? Gaddour offers up regressions -- €”removing the pushup and the hop from the exercises -- €”so you can keep barreling forward. You can also start with a lower number, like 12 or 14, and work your way up each week to improve your fitness.

During Lindsey Vonn's appearance on his show Tuesday night, Conan O'Brien asked her about the training videos she posts to social media. In particular, O'Brien was intrigued with a clip in which Vonn flashes her killer abs and then has someone punch them to prove the point of how steely they are.

The real ab test #absofsteel #rocky #iamadork #hereicome

A video posted by Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn) on

After showing the clip, O'Brien says, "That's impressive."

Vonn responds, "Do you think you could do it?"

Well, even if he couldn't, making the attempt is what late-night TV is all about:

Even without using weights, the squat is a classic exercise that get results. As always, proper technique is key, and putting your feet in the proper position is the start. Watch Travelle Gaines, the trainer for many pro athletes, demonstrate the right right way to perform it:

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If you want a bigger bench press, it's time to pay attention to a tiny muscle called the serratus anterior, says Men's Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour.

Your serratus anterior -- also known as your "punching muscle" -- sits on the side of your ribcage and is responsible for pulling your shoulder blades forward whenever you press a weight, perform a pushup, or throw a jab, Gaddour explains.

Strengthening the small muscle lets you lift heavier loads, bang out more reps, and hit harder, he says. It also bulletproofs your shoulder joints by taking the strain off of your delicate rotator cuff muscles.

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It's difficult to engage your serratus with a regular upper-body routine, though. That's why Gaddour recommends hitting them directly with the serratus punch. Watch the video to see how to perform the movement with perfect form.

Looking to keep your metabolism running at full speed? Try these 10 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running.

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Being a parent makes it harder to find time for a workout, but as this dad proves, you just need to be smart about it. Something as basic as a visit to the playground can do the trick:

Doing weighted pullups with two kids in tow is an advanced move, and judging by this dad's Instagram page, he is an experienced fitness practitioner.

But for moves that should be more reasonable for the average man, consider our friend Jon Finkel's book The Dadvantage: Stay In Shape On No Sleep With No Time And No Equipment.


Theories about proper workout strategies abound, but one popular method of strength training is to focus on one muscle group every day. However, there are some risks that come with putting too much stress on a single group of muscles. You can overwork yourself and increase the risk of injury, which is why some professional trainers discourage such a focused strategy.

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