Exercising in the sand is a great way to get in shape, but as a practical matter, getting to the beach isn't very convenient for most. Even in the Los Angeles area, sitting in traffic can ruin well-intentioned plans for a beach workout. The husband-wife team of David and Minna Herskowitz have reverse-engineered this idea by opening a gym that brings the beach inside. Check out Sandbox Fitness in Sherman Oaks, California:

There are different ways to gauge the intensity of a workout, and basing it on the amount of sweat isn't necessarily one of the better options. During this discussion with his colleagues, Travelle Gaines, the trainer for many pro athletes, explains what he uses to determine how effective a training session is.

Baylor defensive end Shawn Oakman just pulled off a pretty insane move during his workout with famed trainer Travelle Gaines. Oakman jumped on top of a 40-inch box while holding a 70-pound dumbbell in each hand.

Oakman, who is listed at 6-9 and 280 pounds, is projected to be a top three pick in the 2016 NFL draft, according to early scouting reports. Moves like the one he just did at Gaines' gym in Las Vegas can only help his standing.

The box jump has become a popular training technique, thanks largely to the viral videos from Texans star J.J. Watt.

The burpee and the kettlebell swing are known as two of the toughest, fast-paced, total-body exercises out there. So we thought, why not combine them into brutal fitness challenge?

(Think those two movements are bad? Here are 11 Brutal Exercises You Love to Hate. How many have you tried?)

Here’s how it works: Perform as many burpees as you can in 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, and then perform as many kettlebell swings as possible in 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. That's 1 round. Do 3 rounds total. Count your reps to keep score.

For another fast and furious burpee and swing drill, check out How to Lose Belly Fat with Just Two Exercises.

"To fly through this challenge, you have to be strong, explosive, and have some seriously high levels of aerobic conditioning," says Todd Durkin, C.S.C.S., author of The IMPACT! Body Plan, who demolished this challenge with 77 reps. How many can you do? Try it and let us know in the comments below.

Wrestling superstar John Cena posted a video on Twitter that shows him doing squats with a lot of weight stacked on the barbell. Initial reports estimated that Cena was squatting 600 pounds. A subsequent WWE.com post reported the weight as 396 pounds.

In either case, this is impressive.

Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that one of the best soccer players of this generation has legs that look like tree trunks, but new photos of Cristiano Ronaldo's lower body have many fans in awe.

Some photos of a Real Madrid practice have leaked in advance of the team's Champion's League semifinal matchup with Juventus. Ronaldo's muscular legs made quite the impression on Twitter:

Ronaldo's quads are famously ripped. Thanks to all that power, Ronaldo's vertical leap is 31 inches, meaning he can head a ball when it's 8 1/2 feet high.

It makes sense that Ronaldo's legs are in superb shape, as those limbs have provided the support for his incredible career. The 30-year-old Portuguese superstar won the FIFA Ballon d'Or in 2013 and 2014 and recently became the only player in soccer history to score 50 or more goals in a season on five different occasions.

It was even reported that Real Madrid insured Ronaldo's legs for more than $140 million.

And if you thought Ronaldo's lower body was impressive, his upper body has the muscular definition to match. The superstar striker famously ripped off his jersey to reveal his insane physique after scoring a goal in last year's Champions League finale.

Skip the crunches this weekend. Instead, blast your midsection with this lightning-fast 5-minute challenge from well-known trainer Todd Durkin, C.S.C.S.

You'll time yourself performing 15 reps of each of the following explosive exercises: The medicine-ball chop, the groiner, the med-ball squat jump and the floor jack.

Do them back-to-back with as little rest as possible. That's 1 round. Do 3 total. Your goal: 5 minutes.

The four movements work every muscle head to toe, but they call for a blend of core stability and powerful contraction. (That’s a recipe for safety, and here's another: 3 Back-Saving Tips for the Weight Room.)

That means your abs are working the entire time, says Durkin. So go hard and go fast to boost your metabolism, skyrocket your heart rate, and chisel your core. 

Want more? Shred Belly Fat with This Metabolic Complex.

There is a reason why the classic push-up remains a staple in training regimens around the world. It gets results. But if you're looking to upgrade to a more challenging variation, consider the medicine ball push-up. Keeping your elbows close to the body and maintaining good postures are keys to performing this. Watch Travelle Gaines, the trainer for many pro athletes, demonstrate the proper technique:

As an antidote to the negative effects of sitting all day, trainers often recommend adding the glute bridge to your workout routine. And while that’s a good idea, David Jack, one of the co-creators of Men's Health newest fitness DVD Body Battle, suggests upgrading the movement for even better results.

"Long hours spent parked on your rear can cause your glutes to forget how to fire," says Jack. "The glute bridge turns these powerful muscles back 'on,' making you stronger in every lower-body exercise."

More Men's Health: How To Do 50 Perfect Pushups

But here's how you can make it better: While you're performing the bridge, reach for targets above, below, and to the side of you. This will stretch your chest and enhance your upper back mobility, improving your posture, says Jack.

It also causes your body to be less stable, forcing your glutes and core muscles to work harder with each rep. The benefit: a stronger, leaner body.

Watch this video to see how to perform the glute bridge reach. Then give it a shot today.

As we have documented, Ronda Rousey has become such a force in UFC that she is in demand for Hollywood roles, and already has credits for "The Expendables 3," "Furious 7" and "Entourage."

But Rousey, the first U.S. woman to medal in Olympic judo when she took bronze in Beijing, still takes her training seriously. Check out this exchange of judo throws in a workout with aspiring UFC competitor Pauline Macias:

Nage komi judo drills with @paulinepitamacias #ufc190 Vid via @abletowill

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