A single racehorse from 300 years ago is responsible for the "speed gene" in modern racehorses.

Scientists at the University College Dublin were able to trace this magical speed gene after studying DNA from hundreds of horses including skeletal remains of 12 thoroughbred stallions born from 1764 to 1930. In addition 330 modern thoroughbreds, 40 donkeys and even a couple of zebras were analyzed, according to Fox News.

Researchers traced all modern variants of the original "speed gene" (C Type) to the legendary Nearctic (1954–1973), and credit the larger expansion to Northern Dancer (1961–1990), the son of Nearctic, and one of the most influential stallions in modern times.

"The findings point to a British mare as the most likely single founder of the original 'speed gene' because one of the lines of evidence from the research demonstrated that the prize stallions of the 17th and 18th centuries had two copies of the T type speed gene variant (T:T) which is linked to greater stamina," Dr. Mim Bower from the University of Cambridge said.

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Ferris Bueller is back! OK, maybe he is or maybe he isn't, but a 10 second Super Bowl teaser hit the web with Matthew Broderick seemingly reprising the character that made him famous and listing Feb. 5 as the day to find what happens next.

Of course, the natural inclination of any fan of the beloved movie from the 80s is to hope this is the first hint that a sequel is in the works, but that seems unlikely. These things tend to get out ahead of time, before commercials can triumphantly announce their arrival. Even if it is a commercial for some random product you probably hate, it doesn't mean you can't be slightly excited about this tease:

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Green Pay Packers backup QB Matt Flynn torched the Detroit Lions on Sunday to the tune of 480 passing yards and six touchdowns en route to a 45-41 victory. The win did wonders for the Pack fans that showed up despite knowing Aaron Rodgers wouldn't be taking snaps, and it also sent the previously unknown Flynn's stock skyrocketing.

By the fourth quarter of the game, Twitter was buzzing about Flynn's potential on the free agent market with just one game as his selling point. The hysteria perhaps reached its apex, though, when a fan informed Darren Rovell that someone paid $525 for an autographed Matt Flynn rookie card on eBay. Seriously.

The seller touted Flynn as "the next Rodgers!" and encouraged buyers to "Get this now, before he SKYROCKETS." You don't need us to tell you that these assertions are ambitious, at best, despite how awesome the performance was against Detroit.

Of course, while $525 seems like a lot, it's also important to keep in mind that Tim Tebow – the guy that completed six passes on 22 attempts for 60 yards, no touchdowns and an interception – has a signed rookie card with the "Buy It Now" option for the bargain price of $10,000.

So keep market prices for trading cards in perspective, even if a few buyers out on the market are incapable.

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