On May 30, 1935, Babe Ruth played in his final Major League Baseball game.

Ruth had been playing in the majors since 1914, and the 1935 season was his first with the Boston Braves. He had joined the team thinking he would later be hired as a manager, but quickly came to realize that such an arrangement was not a possibility.

Just days before Ruth finally quit, he had hit a home run so powerful it flew all the way out of Forbes Field -- the first home run to go that far. He played in his last game on May 30 and officially retired several days later.

Ruth left behind an incredible legacy: 714 home runs, 2,213 RBI, 2,062 walks and a lifetime .342 average. His pitching record in 10 seasons was 94-46, with 107 complete games.

Ruth would have a rough retirement life before passing away in 1948.

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