On May 24, 1988, one of the spookiest Stanley Cup Finals games took place.

Hosting the Edmonton Oilers in Boston, the Bruins had their home ice plagued with eerie influences that provided a unique hockey experience. First, fog settled onto the ice as a result of the arena's indoor temperature hitting 80 degrees. Despite efforts to keep the ice cool, the fog was an inevitable product.

But things got even stranger: Amid the dense fog, Boston Garden's power went out.

After about 15 minutes of relative darkness, fans were ushered out of the stadium due to stadium reasons. Although power was restored through an emergency generator after 35 minutes, almost all of the fans had left by then. According to NHL bylaws, the game was suspended with the score 3-3 late in the second period.

This was Game 4 of the series. The Oilers had won the first three. The series continued back in Edmonton for Game 5, which the Oilers won to complete what is technically a sweep. Officially, the Oilers took the series 4-0, even though five games got underway.

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