May 10, 1974: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scores one of his greatest skyhooks ever, dropping in a baseline buzzer-beater that beat the Celtics 101-101 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Abdul-Jabbar was the inventor of the skyhook and is still associated with it -- no one ever shot it better than Kareem. But this particular shot stands out in history as a signature moment for the all-time NBA scoring leader.

The basket lifted the Milwaukee Bucks to victory against a vaunted Boston Celtics dynasty -- and extended the Bucks' season for one more game.

Milwaukee lost Game 7 and the NBA championship. But Kareem, who had already won the 1971 title with the Bucks, went on to capture five more rings before his playing days were over -- the rest of them with the Los Angeles Lakers.

And who was the Lakers' primary rival in the 1980s, where Abdul-Jabbar won five rings in a nine-year span? None other than the Celtics.

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