On May 23, 2000, Rickey Henderson reached base by walking for the 2,000th time in his MLB career.

Henderson's achievement had only been matched in history by two other players: Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. The marker was a testament to his longevity as well as his performance on the baseball field. Henderson went on to tally 2,190 walks before retiring from the game after 24 seasons.

As impressive as he was drawing walks at the plate, Henderson was also a master base-runner. He was nicknamed "The Man of Steal" for his ability to advance on steals, and he holds the MLB record for steals by a wide margin.

Even though Henderson was a 10-time All-Star and won the AL MVP in 1990, some statisticians actually consider him underrated: According to sabermetrics that came to rise in the decade after his retirement, Henderson was one of the greatest baseball players of his time.

Here's him making his last steal ever in MLB:

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