A former Los Angeles Lakers ballboy generated a stir last month when he revealed he had a pair of game-worn, autographed sneakers from Michael Jordan's rookie season. Khalid Ali, who was 15 when he requested the shoes from Jordan at the Bulls-Lakers game on Dec. 2, 1984, at the Forum, decided it was time to put them up for auction.

The auction ended Saturday night with a winning bid of $71,554. That meant a strong surge of bidding in the final days. With three days left, the top bid at $19,000. Here is more of the story from Ali, who wasn't even a Jordan fan at the time because he had rooted for Georgetown against Michael and the Tar Heels in the 1982 NCAA championship game:

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, this was the second-highest price paid for game-worn Jordan shoes after the ones he used in the "Flu Game" of the 1997 NBA Finals against Utah ($104,765).

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