Get ready to feel old. Legendary two-sport star Bo Jackson is currently working as a Spring Training instructor for the Chicago White Sox, and it turns out not quite everyone knows who he is.

On the field, Jackson starts talking with the son of White Sox player Adam LaRoche. And, in a captivating video that will hit you like a mid-life crisis, it quickly becomes apparent that 13-year-old Drake LaRoche does not know who he's dealing with.

So Jackson helps him out -- bit by bit.

One of the best moments is when Jackson names the list of MLB teams he's played for, casually mentioning the Raiders at the end. The boy does not pick up on the reference.

"You ever heard of the Heisman Trophy?" Jackson asks.

When the boy hasn't, he explains the award's prestige, and then says, "I won that."

It keeps going list this for a while, but it only gets better -- Jackson enjoys having a little fun with the kid, and the boy tries to play it cool while it quickly dawns on him that Jackson is a former athletic great.

But does he really get it? Probably not. And that's a real shame.

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