It pays to have been on Seinfeld. Just ask Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell.

McDowell, who worked as a relief man for 12 MLB seasons, made a quick cameo in one of the more memorable episodes of the popular comedy. Even though he was on-screen for fewer than 10 seconds, McDowell still gets some money every time his episode airs.

McDowell and former teammate Keith Hernandez play themselves in an episode called "The Boyfriend," in which the characters Kramer and Newman recall how someone spat on them after a game at Shea Stadium. At first the guys accuse Hernandez, but the first baseman says it was actually McDowell who did the spitting.

With the help of some Zapruder film, Hernandez explains how McDowell was actually the "second spitter." Here's the clip:

As you can see, McDowell doesn't have any lines and is hardly on camera. So making any money from this gig is a win. And if McDowell still gets money for that small role, you may wonder how much the main actors receive. The answer? A lot.

Perhaps more significant than the royalties is the fact that McDowell has become somewhat of a cult hero for fans of the show.

McDowell, now 54, is still asked about his involvement in the plot and has yet to reveal the truth.

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