February 26, 1981: All hell broke lose in an NHL game between the Boston Bruins and the Minnesota North Stars. The game would set a penalty record not broken until 2004. In all, twelve players were ejected.

Just seven seconds into the game players started brawling. By the end of the first period, seven North Stars, and five Bruins were ejected in the first period after brawling, and a total of 341 penalty minutes were handed out in the period. Due to the 1st period mayhem, the 2nd period started almost 2 hours after the game began. Six players were suspended by the NHL after the game, with record fines to both clubs.

Most of the ejections came in the major brawl, with 11:02 remaining in the period. The most-penalized player was the Bruins' Brad McCrimmon, who received a double major penalty and a total of 30 minutes.

The New York Times best described the record:

"The 392 minutes for both teams surpassed the 372 by Philadelphia and Los Angeles on March 11, 1979. Minnesota set a one-team record with 209, surpassing the Flyers' 188. The total of 81 penalties broke a league record of 64 set by Philadelphia and Vancouver Feb. 22, 1980. The 64 penalties in the first period (33 on Minnesota) also broke records from the Philadelphia-Vancouver game."

Oh by the way, the Bruins won 5-1.

Here's to you Boston Bruins and Minnesota North Stars.

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