While Tom Brady tends to make his teammates better on the gridiron, off the field the future Hall of Famer can inspire the worst in those around him.

Brady is a good-looking star quarterback who was seemingly destined for fame since high school. These qualities, while admirable, apparently were the cause for some jealousy in his teammates at Junipero Serra High School in northern California.

Emily Kaplan of MMQB spoke with Brady's high school coach, Tom McKenzie, who said some of Brady's teammates grew tired of his angelic image. So one day they got payback.

Here's what McKenzie told Kaplan about Brady's "friends'" prank:

"He had lots of friends, too, and fit in with his teammates, but of course there was a bit of jealousy when he started getting attention. All the sportswriters wanted talk to him; he was the star. Well, one time we were at mass, and Tom was missing. Nobody knew where he was, so we went looking. I investigated in the locker room, and somehow one of his teammates had managed to lock Tom in one of the lockers. Luckily I had the master key to get him out. I think they just wanted Tom to get in trouble, for once."

The word "somehow" is key here, because it doesn't seem like it'd be easy to smush Brady into a locker. Not only is he a generally amiable guy, but what high school locker could hold his 6-foot-4, 220 pound frame?

Brady played football, basketball and baseball at Serra and was inducted into the school's Athletic Hall of Fame in 2004. In 2012 Serra renamed the football stadium Brady Family Stadium.

In case you were wondering what Brady looked like on happier high school days, here's a photo:

Unfortunately Brady was not asked about this incident at Super Bowl media day, although he was quizzed on his favorite gas station snack and a whole host of other irrelevant information.

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