January 7, 2003: Kobe Bryant has made a career of making scoring records for the Los Angeles Lakers. The man once had 81 points, the second most ever scored in an NBA game. On this night 12 years ago, Kobe caught fire and it was his three-point shooting that gave him an NBA record.

The Lakers were playing the old Seattle SuperSonics back when Kobe and Shaq were still a duo. At the time Kobe was just 24 years old and had the game of a lifetime. It started out with him making 9 threes in a row. He would finish the game 12-18 from 3-point range, breaking Dennis Scott's record of 11 set in 1996. Kobe had 45 points on 16-28 shooting for the night.

Head coach Phil Jackson said: "That was perhaps the greatest streak shooting I have ever seen in my life." And that's coming from the man who coached Michael Jordan.

Watch all of his 12 three-pointers, it truly is an incredible feat.

The record has since been tied once by Donyell Marshall of the Toronto Raptors in 2005. Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets once hit 10 in a half, but amazingly didn't break or tie the record.

Here's to you Kobe and your 3-point record. I am sure this isn't the last record we will be hearing from you.

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