Fifteen years ago today, Dec. 19, 1999, was a dark day for the NFL and the Cleveland Browns. Offensive tackle Orlando Brown was inadvertently hit in the eye by an a flag thrown by referee Jeff Triplette in a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Triplette immediately tried to apologize to an ailing Brown, who then went ballistic and shoved Triplette to the ground. The lineman was immediately ejected from the game and suspended by the NFL. The suspension was lifted when Brown's eye injury didn't heal and he missed three seasons because of partial blindness.

It was definitely a moment we won't forget, but one that mysteriously has disappeared from Internet-land. Seriously, do a search and try finding the video of Triplette nailing Brown with the flag, which was weighted with a small of bag of metal particles, and the infamous shove.

We found one video on that covered the news of his death in 2011 at the age of 40.

But that's it.

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