December 28, 2003: Jamal Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens accomplished what only four backs at the time previously had: A 2,000 yard season. Lewis' 114 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers gave him 2,066 yards for the season, which fell just 39 yards short of Eric Dickerson's 2,105. Lewis was named the NFL's Offensive Player of the Year.

In that season, Lewis also set the single-game rushing record with 295 yards against the Cleveland Browns, breaking Corey Dillon's 278-yard mark. In fact, the Browns were responsible for giving up 500 of those 2,066 yards that season as Lewis went on to hit them with another 205 yards late in the season.

Since Lewis rushed for 2,000 yards, two other backs have joined the club, making it seven. The list reads like this:

1. Eric Dickerson, 2,105 yards (1984)
2. Adrian Peterson, 2,097 yards (2012)
3. Jamal Lewis, 2,066 yards (2003)
4. Barry Sanders, 2,053 (1997)
5. Terrell Davis, 2,008 (1998)
6. Chris Johnson 2,006 (2009)
7. O.J. Simpson 2,003 (1973) *only 14-game season

Here's to you Jamal Lewis and all the hard work you put in to get to 2,000 yards:

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