The fate of facilities built to host the Olympics are often anticlimactic: Many endure through existences where they are underused or, worse, ignored. All around the world, once-impressive constructions now stand as derelict monuments to what happens when the Olympic flame moves on.

But few of those venues have had the tumultuous existence experienced in Sarajevo. Just a few years after serving as host of the 1984 Winter Games, Sarajevo and the rest of Bosnia were plunged into a war that shelled the landscape, including these Olympic structures.

Thirty years later, recent gold-medal skier Joss Christensen visited Sarajevo and explored the abandoned sites that once put the world's greatest athletes on display. And, of course, Christensen does this as only he can -- on skis.

It's a mesmerizing video by Teton Gravity Research, originally published by The New York Times. Check out the video below.

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