Hawks guard Kyle Korver was 12 when his family moved from Iowa to California, which forced him to change his fashion.

"I had never worn a pair of jeans before, until I moved to Iowa," Korver said. "Then on my first of school in Iowa, I had to wear jeans because it was so cold. Actually the first day of school got canceled because there was too much snow on the ground. And I was like, 'This happens? This is amazing.' And we got to go sledding all day."

Korver's frigid but fun welcome to Iowa was one of many amusing recollections that USA Basketball players, who are preparing for the FIBA World Cup, had about the first day back in class after summer vacation.

Rudy Gay: "Ninth grade. I actually had a job. I went out and bought my whole first-day outfit. I actually spent my whole savings on it. I saw P. Diddy wear an outfit, and I tried to buy the same thing."

Stephen Curry: "Thinking back to high school, what I used to wear ... Like jean shorts and a striped polo that was probably two sizes too big. I thought I was fly, for sure, but looking back, not at all."

Check out this video for more memories, not all of which center around clothes, from them and others including Kyrie Irving, Kenneth Faried, Gordon Hayward and DeMar DeRozan:

As it turns out, Curry wasn't exaggerating about his outfit.

If the USA Basketball players were forced to write one of those "how I spent my summer vacation" essays, they would have plenty of material this year. The team had training camp in Las Vegas. Then it went to Chicago for an exhibition against Brazil as well as various appearances as part of the World Basketball Festival presented by Nike and Jordan Brand. And now it will head to Spain for the World Cup.

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