Thanks to Dennis Rodman's bizarre and controversial trip to North Korea, we all know that the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, has an infatuation with the 1990s Chicago Bulls.

But in a country where culture is monitored closely and Internet access is thought to be severely limited, how could Jong-un have come to appreciate the magic of Michael Jordan?

As it turns out, Kim has his former nanny to thank for his appreciation of the Chicago dynasty.

In a new GQ article, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Adam Johnson spoke with a Japanese man who goes by the alias Kenji Fujimoto. Fujimoto was the cook and confidant to Kim's father, Kim Jong-il. When Kim Jong-un's nannies were fired, Fujimoto took over babysitting duties as well.

As Fujimoto explained to Johnson, he is responsible for instilling in Kim and his siblings a love for the NBA.

"Fujimoto’s sister in Japan sent him VHS tapes of Bulls playoff games, so Kim Jong-un’s first taste of Western hoops came from watching Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman -- men who became his heroes."

As Kim is currently believed to be in is late 20s, he was coming of age two decades ago when the Bulls were going on their historic runs in the 1990s. Kim became a huge fan, and was even photographed wearing a Dennis Rodman jersey.

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