There's not much left of the Vancouver Grizzlies, so fans looking to obtain a piece of history might want to look into a new offer on Craigslist. That is, if they have $13,000 to spare.

A company called Extreme Air Park has moved into the practice space once occupied by the NBA club in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, and owner Michael Marti told the Toronto Star that the practice court is still in great condition. Since putting up the Craisglist ad last week, he's received tons of interest.

"We’re trying to look for something that makes sense rather than ripping out this beautiful floor and putting it in the dumpster," Marti said. "It's the last of the Grizzlies here in Vancouver."

Some have wondered about transportation of the court, and Marti thinks it might have to be cut into strips and reassembled elsewhere. Still, for the right price, it could be worth it.

The court is 12 years old and the Grizzlies last used it during the 2000-01 season, their final year in Vancouver.

There's nothing you can't get on Craigslist these days. So maybe we shouldn't be surprised that the Grizzlies' old practice court has made an appearance on the website. After all, there have been much weirder things to make their way to

(H/T to Deadspin)

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