Get your 84 jerseys out? Maybe. Randy Moss announced Monday he'll attempt a comeback next season.

When Moss announced his retirement last August at the age of 34, a lot of football fans thought it was too soon. The prevailing sense: Moss still has something left in the tank. Surely one of the greatest wideouts of all time has something to bring to the right team.

Well, Moss agrees. And he told several hundred fans via live broadcast on UStream. The broadcast conversation kicked off his 35th birthday celebration.

"Your boy is going to come back and play some football," he said, explaining he had some things he had to take care of in his life over the last few months, but that he was ready to give it another shot.

The future Hall of Famer walked away before the 2011 season with 153 career touchdowns, 954 receptions and 14,858 yards.

He admitted his return isn't a given, saying he'd need a coach to give him a chance, but he seemed optimistic.

Who wants him? Perhaps we could see a Peyton-to-Moss hookup in Washington or Miami? And Tom Brady could sure use a wideout who reliably grabs everything thrown his way. (Surely Gisele would be all for it.)

How about the Bears? Jay Cutler might like another Brandon Marshall. Or the Saints? Just imagine the numbers Drew Brees could put up.

Whatever happens, it's unlikely Moss' phone will stay silent. (It even rang during the broadcast, though he wouldn't say who called.) So everybody one clap!

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