Feb. 8 marks two dubious anniversaries in beer history. In 1985, the Stroh Brewing Company announced it would close its 135-year-old brewery on Detroit’s east side. And in 1999, Stroh announced it would sell its labels to Pabst and Miller. Sure, you can still find places to buy cans of beer that say Stroh’s on them, but we know it’s not the same.

To commemorate the day, ThePostGame.com is celebrating the blue-collar throwback beers (some of which you can still buy in some co-opted form) that were rooted in hometowns, ubiquitous on outfield walls and swigged by our sports-loving dads and granddads.

These are just a few, so tell us what bygone beers you miss most. (Burger Beer, anyone?)



Check out this billboard at the old Yankee Stadium.



Piel’s Beer

Utica Club

Note the "Most Interesting Man" resemblance in part:



Pee Wee Reese of the Dodgers provided an endorsement.

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