We're not sure how many people avoid wearing baseball caps just because of the red line it leaves on their forehead. But if that's the only issue holding back from snapping on a lid, perhaps you should check out Nike's latest offering. Its claim is that you can play a four-hour game with one of these caps and not worry about having that crease after you take it off. Here's the explanation:

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Hats, Nike

Draft prospects have been working with trainers for many years, but now they are also consulting fashion experts so they look super sharp on the big day. As Indiana forward Noah Vonleh puts it, draft day only happens once for a player, and nobody wants to look back and see style mistakes in the photos. Vonleh met with fashion icon Mark Ecko to get some tips about how to dress for his moment in the spotlight.

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Marc Ecko built his fortune through clothing and accessories with Ecko Unltd, then founded the Complex Media Network, which includes more than 100 websites. Ecko went to college at Rutgers as a pharmacy student but decided it was a better fit for him to be an entrepreneur. With his net worth pegged at more than $100 million, clearly he has no regrets.

Here are some fashion tips he has for athletes:

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Marc Ecko

When Brazil's Neymar Jr., one of the World Cup's standout players, was 12, he wanted a pair of gold boots. Unable to find the boots anywhere, Neymar used to spray-paint his own cleats gold.

He told that story to Nike Football design director Denis Dekovic, and the result of his childhood inspiration is the special edition Gold Hypervenom.

“The biggest challenge was getting the gold tone perfect so it had the right spray-painted look," Dekovic said. "We worked closely with Neymar to get it as close to how he remembered the color when he would apply it as a kid."

With one childhood dream realized, Neymar may be able to use his signature boots to capture yet another with World Cup glory.

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As part of their preparation for the NBA draft, Melvin Ejim of Iowa State and Tyler Ennis of Syracuse met with former NFL great/apparel executive Carl Banks to give their insights on the current fashion.

The two youngsters discuss their preferences, NBA role models for fashion and how the retro look is in.

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Officially they are known as the Lunar Vapor Trout. Perhaps it will just be easier to say they're the Mike Trout cleats.

Trout is the first MLB player to have a signature shoe created by Nike since Ken Griffey Jr. The color scheme of red and yellow is typically bold in the Nike tradition. Trout explains the process of how the shoe was developed:

They go on sale July 12 for $140.

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On March 21, Mike Vick signed a one-year $5 million contract to play for the New York Jets. Although Vick acknowledges Geno Smith is Gang Green's starter, you can see his passion for the Jets in his eyes.

No, actually. You really can.

On Wednesday night, Uniswag (@Uniformswag) tweeted this picture of Vick:

An account called Helmet Stalker (@HelmetStalker) questioned the legitimacy of the visor:

There is no word from Vick or the Jets on the visor and if Vick plans to use it during the season. However, Twitter skeptics advise fans of the visor proceed with caution.

If it is real, there is no doubt the visor features a fresh look. However, Vick still cannot match the loyalty of his coach.

Oh, Rex.

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Derek Jeter had better have brought an extra suitcase with him to Seattle.

As part of the elaborate farewell tour in his honor taking place at MLB stadiums across the country, Jeter was presented with a host of gifts by the Mariners before his final regular-season series in Seattle. The franchise gave Jeter a chair from the old Kingdome, where he collected his first career hit in 1995, as well as a framed base from Safeco Field. The team also gave Jeter a $5,000 check for his Turn 2 Foundation.

On top of that, Jeter's former teammate Robinson Cano gave the Yankees captain a gift of his own. Cano presented Jeter with a Hublot watch reportedly worth $34,000.

The watch had a nice message engraved on it:

"To Derek: Thank you for showing me how to be a leader. With love and respect, RC."

Jeter and Cano manned the middle infield at Yankee Stadium together from 2005-2013. They helped the squad win a World Series in 2009. The pair may have one final chance to turn a double play together, as they lead the All-Star voting at their respective positions.

Cano has some money to spare after signing a 10-year contract with Seattle worth a reported $240 million. But he may not have had to pay for the timepiece. His agent, Jay-Z, has a partnership with Hublot.

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Not only did San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sign an enormous contract extension on Wednesday, he inked his deal in style.

Kaepernick, who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013 and to the NFC Championship game in January, signed a six-year extension with San Francisco that includes $61 million in guaranteed money. All told, the contract could be worth $126 million.

Following in the suit of some of his teammates, Kaepernick used a quill pen to put his signature on the contract:

But the pen wasn't the only bit of flair Kaepernick added to the big day. Kaepernick, known for his unique style, also wore socks featuring dollar bill prints.

Kaepernick told reporters the socks weren't planned and that it was simply a coincidence.

''To be honest, one of my friends gave them to me, gave me a box of socks,'' he said. ''No idea what brand or what company, but they were in my drawer.''

It seems the socks, like Kaepernick, were in the right place at the right time. After all, Kaepernick's star was born when he filled in for an injured Alex Smith in the middle of the 2012 season. After barely playing as a rookie in 2011, Kaepernick has gone 17-6 as a starter over the past two seasons.

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Prince caused a stir during his appearance at the French Open on Monday, and not just because he was with a supermodel or because he's, well, Prince.

No, it was an accessory cradled by the 55-year-old musician as he watched Rafael Nadal dispatch of Dusan Lajovic that got people tweeting. Prince showed up to Roland Garros with a scepter, which is a sort of luxurious cane normally reserved for royalty. As far as we know, it did not serve a practical purpose for Prince.

Here's Prince, holding the scepter and seated next to model Damaris Lewis in the presidential box in the main stadium at Roland Garros:

Lewis, in case you don't recognize the name, has appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue:

Unfortunately for Lewis, who is 32 years younger than Prince, it appears that his scepter earned the most reaction on Twitter:

The accessory is truly fit for a king. Or, in this case, a Prince.

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