Call this Decision 2.1.

Now that LeBron James is back with the Cavaliers, he needs to settle on a jersey number.

Should it be the No. 23 he wore during his first tour in Cleveland?

Or should he stick with the No. 6 he wore while winning two NBA titles in Miami and two Olympic gold medals with Team USA?

Tough call, so the King is taking his dilemma to the people via Twitter and Instagram:

Even before he joined the Heat, James had talked about giving up No. 23 out of respect to Michael Jordan. He even suggested that No. 23 be retired across the league. The Heat had already done that anyway even though Jordan had no official connection to the franchise, so James' decision to take No. 6 avoided any awkwardness.

Based on these posts, James is only considering these two choices, which would rule out some blend of the two like 29 (23 + 6) or 17 (23 - 6). From a symbolic standpoint, Cleveland (23) minus Miami (6) = Homecoming (17) could resonate with Cavs fans.

Perhaps this would be a good time to lobby the league on adopting Nate Robinson's idea that players can pick numbers beyond two digits. Robinson said he would wear 206, Seattle's area code, to represent his hometown.

LeBron could make quite a statement of local pride if he could rock a 216, 330 or 440 on his jersey. Commissioner Adam Silver has shown a willingness to consider fresh ideas, so maybe this issue could be revisited even after LeBron settles on No. 6 or No. 23.

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The style choice of Drop Crotch Pants hasn't quite blossomed into a trend, despite paparazzi shots showing celebrities such as Jared Leto and Justin Bieber wearing them. Perhaps it can gain some traction in the sports world after Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis opted for a pair at the ESPYs and explained how comfortable they are.

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Some athletes have earned reputations for their fashion sensibility on an everyday basis. The annual ESPYs are a prime opportunity to enhance that image, and four style leaders from sports didn't disappoint Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Michelle Marie, co-host of the "360º Quicksilver Cam" at the ESPYs, analyzed the looks that caught her eye:

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The Minnesota Twins last hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 1985. But this season’s All-Star hat design has not been seen in Minnesota since the 1970s.

To commemorate the Twins' classic batting helmets, the 2014 All-Star hats are designed with teams’ primary colors. The triangular front of the hat displays the team’s logo, while the left side is embroidered with the All-Star patch.

"Returning to Minnesota for the first time in almost 30 years, we wanted to honor the Twins history with new ideas and their distinctive batting helmet design from the 1970s made perfect sense,” MLB vice president Tim Brosnan said.

Though the hats sport a clean, classic look they are made with a lightweight performance material as part of New Era’s "Diamond Era" series, according to the company’s website. The newly designed hats combine modernity and nostalgia, bringing the Midsummer Classic a more distinguished and fresher look.

But if the MLB really wants a fresh look for the All-Star festivities, the game's young stars like Yasiel Puig, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper should headline the Home Run Derby.

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The sweat-soaked jersey LeBron James wore during the first half of Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals has been sold for more than $50,000 to an anonymous bidder.

That was the contest in which the air conditioning in San Antonio's AT&T Center broke, and James was forced to sit out the final four minutes of Miami's loss after experiencing cramps in his legs.

Because of the humidity in the building, players on both teams switched jerseys at halftime. The NBA collected some of these uniforms and auctioned them. James' was by far the most expensive, going to an anonymous bidder for $50,020.

The same buyer who purchased James' jersey, only identified on the NBA's auction site as "j****n," also purchased the Game 1 jerseys of Tim Duncan ($20,770), Kawhi Leonard ($14,020), Tony Parker ($11,020), Dwyane Wade ($10,770), Ray Allen ($5,770), Chris Bosh ($5,770), Shane Battier ($2,820) and Chris Andersen ($1,851). A different bidder won Manu Ginobili's Game 1 jersey for $15,300.

While $50,000 is nothing to sneeze at, the jersey probably could have gone for significantly more had the Heat won the series. Miami lost Game 1 and went on to lose the Finals, 4-1.

Here's how James' jersey compares to other notable pieces of memorabilia sold at auction:

--A duplicate of Kobe Bryant's 2000 Los Angeles Lakers championship ring: $174,184

--Christian Laettner's 'The Shot' jersey: $119,500

--Michael Jordan's Flu Game' shoes: $104,765

--A Hank Aaron game-worn jersey from 1969: $49,918

--Ravens running back Damien Berry's Super Bowl XLVII ring: $43,008

--LeBron James' 'King James' jersey from the Heat's nickname game against the Nets: $41,050

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Belgium wasn't the only winner when it beat the United States at the World Cup on Tuesday. The U.S.'s Julian Green proved his selection as a 19-year-old was warranted, Belgium's Lukaku showed he deserves more playing time and the USMNT demonstrated it can hang with the world's best.

Everton, the Premier League club of USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard, also felt like a winner.

After the 35-year-old registered a half-century World Cup-record 16 saves in the U.S.'s 2-1 loss to Belgium, Howard was trending on social media and his fans were running on fumes with one even starting a petition to rename Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport after the goalkeeper. With Howard's popularity at its peak, Everton realized early Wednesday this was its moment to capitalize.

Apparently, Everton noticed a trend in its Tuesday followers. Country codes were coming from the western hemisphere.

For Everton, today is a day to reel in new American fans and Howard fans. There is so much talk about the growing popularity of soccer in the United States and many Americans search for a European club to support. In an office in Liverpool, British marketing minds woke up Wednesday. Despite the offseason, today may be an early Christmas for the club. American fans have their tongues and wallets out for Howard, a new American hero.

A few hours after the initial batch of tweets, Everton came back with another push for new fans and its new 2014-15 goalkeeper jersey, which does not actually go on sale until July 17:

And by mid-day on the east coast of the United States, Everton made another rush for new American fans:

On the American football circuit, free agent running back Jacob Hester, an apparent Everton supporter, gave the English club an American boost. The former LSU star tweeted a picture of Everton and other Blues that was retweeted by the club:

Devout American soccer fans have known about Howard's world-class talent for a decade now, but for some casual fans, Tuesday was a revelation. As for Howard himself, he may have predicted such a performance in his senior year of high school:

Howard is one of Everton's longest-tenured players, as he was loaned to The Toffees in 2006 and signed in 2007. He has 297 appearances for the Liverpool-based side, which finished fifth in the Premier League in 2013-14. Howard's 15 clean sheets were third in the league.

He also has one goal with Everton, scored in January 2012 (wearing a camouflage goalkeeper kit):

The New Jersey native has 104 caps for the United States Men's National Soccer Team and he played every minute of the team's eight games in the past two FIFA World Cups.

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When you see players at the NBA draft rocking some super stylish suits, remember those killer looks don't happen by accident. Just like a prom or a wedding, there is plenty of planning and primping for the big moment. Check out how Noah Vonleh, Tyler Ennis and Dario Saric got all decked out Thursday night in New York.

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We're not sure how many people avoid wearing baseball caps just because of the red line it leaves on their forehead. But if that's the only issue holding back from snapping on a lid, perhaps you should check out Nike's latest offering. Its claim is that you can play a four-hour game with one of these caps and not worry about having that crease after you take it off. Here's the explanation:

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Hats, Nike

Draft prospects have been working with trainers for many years, but now they are also consulting fashion experts so they look super sharp on the big day. As Indiana forward Noah Vonleh puts it, draft day only happens once for a player, and nobody wants to look back and see style mistakes in the photos. Vonleh met with fashion icon Mark Ecko to get some tips about how to dress for his moment in the spotlight.

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Marc Ecko built his fortune through clothing and accessories with Ecko Unltd, then founded the Complex Media Network, which includes more than 100 websites. Ecko went to college at Rutgers as a pharmacy student but decided it was a better fit for him to be an entrepreneur. With his net worth pegged at more than $100 million, clearly he has no regrets.

Here are some fashion tips he has for athletes:

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Marc Ecko
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