In this edition of "What is John Daly wearing today?" we bring you a variety of pink, yellow and brown. For the first round of the PGA Championship at Valhalla on Thursday, Daly opted to go with a solid shirt, argyle pants and bright shoes.

Daly won the 1991 PGA Championship at age 25, which means he is exempt from qualification forever. Daly also teed it up at the PGA at Valhalla in 1996 and 2000, missing both cuts. He has only made six PGA Championship cuts since his championship. With that said, he is a two-time major champion, winning the 1995 Open Championship. Unfortunately for the 48-year-old, his Open Championship exemption runs out when he turns 60.

Daly was 5-over through seven holes at the tournament in Louisville, Kent. Thursday morning. At the time, he was just three shots ahead of last place.

But as usual, he made a statement with his wardrobe.

Slowly but surely, NBA stars are cornering the menswear market.

Dwyane Wade has socks and bowties. Russell Westbrook has underwear. And now, Chris Bosh has ties.

The Heat big man, who recently signed a five-year, $118 million extension with Miami, this week debuted his new line of neckwear, appropriately called "Mr. Nice Tie." A collaboration with the Philadelphia-based tie maker Armstrong & Wilson, the line of five regular ties and five bowties will retail for $105 to $130.

“[M]en don’t have that many accessory options and I wanted something that was both cool and classic," Bosh told the New York Times.

Bosh told the Times that he's involved in all aspects of the ties, from the design to the inner fabric to the stitching.

Bosh was a part of perhaps the most fashionable locker room in the NBA during the "Big Three" era in Miami. And even with LeBron James departing, the spotlight remains in Miami as the Heat look to move on. Wade and Bosh will have a bevy of new teammates in 2014-2015, some of whom may be welcomed to South Florida with a sampling of new neckwear.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini is not one for simplicity. His first six years in Lincoln have seen its fair share of theatrics, whether it is on the field or in front of the press. For reference, last fall, a tape was released of Pelini calling the Cornhuskers faithful "fair-weather" fans. Meanwhile, the coach won nine games, including a Hail Mary instant classic against Northwestern and a Gator Bowl win over Georgia.

Pelini is already starting 2014 off with eccentricities. To unveil the Cornhuskers' new "Red Rising" alternate jersey, Pelini surprised players by putting himself in the uniform.

Yes, that is a 46-year-old Pelini pushing his players around while disguised as an Adidas model ready to take the field at Memorial Stadium.

The players appear to get a kick out of it, but they are not overly surprised. Even summer days are not quiet in Lincoln under Pelini.

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It is just after 7 p.m. in Brooklyn, and the sun is setting. Across the East River, the night sky rises above the Manhattan skyline. This is the picturesque view that model Alexandria Morgan embraces in her new home of New York City.

"It's a dream come true," Morgan, 20, told ThePostGame about living in the Big Apple. "I grew up wanting to move to New York. I'd play Frank Sinatra's New York, New York. I'm overwhelmed with joy and happiness for all these wonderful opportunities I'm getting."

New York is a long way, both physical and culturally, from Morgan's hometown of Morton, Ill. The town of 16,000 is located in central Illinois, 10 miles southeast of Peoria

"I still think of myself as the girl from the cornfields of Illinois," she says. "It's so exciting and I'm so blessed. Everyone's so encouraging, especially my followers."

With 58,000 Instagram followers and 33,500 Twitter followers, Morgan has a formidable support group. Those numbers have spiked thanks to a recent TomTom ad Morgan started in, wearing a strapless bra.

TomTom, an automotive navigation systems manufacturer headquartered in the Netherlands, is best for its GPS devices. The product Morgan flaunts in her left wrist in the ad (yes, that is what consumers are supposed to see) is the TomTom Runner Cardio watch with a built-in heart rate monitor.

The ad is banned on TV, but it is going strong on YouTube. The video garnered more than 4,000,000 views as of Thursday morning. The clip is called "Alexandria Morgan runs strapless," as Morgan wears a strapless bra and the watch, which means she can measures her heart rate without a chest strap.

Morgan, whose modeling agency is Women Management, was ecstatic to get started with TomTom when approached with the idea.

"They came to me with the idea and I really liked it a lot," she says. "It's funny. It's kitsch. It's cute video fun and the kid in it was so nice."

Obviously outside parties did not agree with the angle -- visually and figuratively -- of the ad. Morgan says she is frustrated with the TV ban, calling it an overreaction.

"I wasn't expecting it to be banned," she says. "It's just a woman's body. You shouldn't be ashamed of that. It's empowering."

Despite the backlash, Morgan cannot be too upset. The video is still spreading across the world, a positive result for her and TomTom. She currently displays a screenshot of the video on both her Twitter and Instagram page, and it could be a strong career boost.

"It's incredible. I've had such positive reviews. It's really increased my following, she says. "I'm a runner. When you find a brand you can really get behind and they like you and you like them, a wonderful thing happens."

At 20, Morgan is not far removed from her childhood home and she is still spreading her wings in the modeling industry. According to Sports Illustrated, she was among those involved in the spring casting calls for the 2015 Swimsuit Issue.

After this TomTom ad, her friends and family expressed considerable support.

"They've been like, 'Oh my God I can't believe this. This is so cool.' And my mom watches me all the time and she's like, "I can't believe that's my daughter and there she is running.' Everyone's been so happy for me."

On Wednesday night, Morgan participated in a soccer pickup game at Brooklyn Bridge Park hosted by Audi and FC Bayern Munich. Along with Morgan, Bayern Munich legends Giovane Elber, Markus Babbel, Paul Breitner and Paulo Sergio took the pitch. Fellow celebrities Josh Henderson, Chris Tomson, Stacey Griffith and Kevin McHale (the actor from Glee, not the former Boston Celtic) also suited up. Actor Gerroll and writer Damian Lanigan were in attendance.

Bayern Munich is currently on a U.S. tour that will start with a match against Mexican side Club Deportivo Guadalajara at Red Bull Stadium in Harrison, N.J. on Thursday. The club meets the MLS All-Stars in Portland next Wednesday.

Morgan does not exactly have the soccer prowess of Bayern Munich stars, but she does have a sports background.

"I played in third grade on the orange team," she chuckles about the extent of her soccer background. "I was always more of a softball girl and basketball for my height, not my coordination."

Morgan says she played softball in high school. The world also knows she takes an interest in running ... strapless.

During the pick-up game, Morgan made noticeably aggressive runs from her left forward position. Any concerns about the model protecting her face over contributing on offense were negated. Although she did not score, Morgan was an asset for her squad. She also wore her TomTom Runner Cardio watch during the match.

As for her modeling career, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is possibly in her grasp, as well as other bridges. Morgan recently posed for Vogue Italia and will have 15 pages coming out in the fall. She is the current Model of the Week on

Morgan studied for one year at The King's College in New York, but has since taken time off to focus on modeling. Education is important to Morgan and she plans on finishing her degree in the future.

Although Morgan's TomTom ad is off the tube, it did not prevent her from making a dent in the modeling industry. Nothing right now will strap down Morgan's momentum.

Now, living in New York, the Midwest-bred bombshell is maintaining a sense of humility. Her mother was among her guests in attendance at the pick-up soccer game Wednesday.

Alexandria Morgan is still just a farm girl from the cornfields of Illinois. She also happened to claim fame in a viral ad depicting her running with a strapless watch (and bra).

Under Armour, the brand known for its testosterone-fueled "protect this house" motto and commercials with Ray Lewis and Tom Brady, is angling for a different clientele in a new campaign.

It features a woman who doesn't participate in competitive sports. But she does have a body that is in peak physical condition and endures the kind of physical demands that would make most men cry.

She is Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theatre.

In a one-minute spot launched Monday, Copeland performs in Under Armour gear -- a tank top and its Pure Stretch Cheeky underwear -- while a voiceover explains how she was initially rejected by a ballet school:

You lack the right feet, Achilles tendons, turnout, torso length and bust.
You have the wrong body for ballet.
And at 13, you are too old to be considered.

Copeland, 31, told the New York Times that she never received a particular rejection letter that harsh but the sentiments rang true: "Once I hit puberty I experienced all of those things."

Women athletes with Under Armour contracts have included Lindsay Vonn (skiing), Sloane Stephens (tennis), Maddie Peterson (surfing), Kelley O'Hara (soccer), Alicia Sacramone (gymnastics) and Lindsey Jacobellis (snowboarding).

"Misty is a ballerina, she's not a competitive athlete, but she brings a modern athleticism to a very traditional art form, and she pushes the boundaries on the status quo of the word 'athlete,' " said Leanne Fremar, executive creative director of Under Armour's women's division, to the Times. "There are a lot of sports, activities, hobbies and passions that women are engaging in that are athletic and physical and should be celebrated, whether it's dance or soccer or kickboxing or spinning.”

The Times also reports that this campaign is part of the company's overall strategy to connect with female consumers: "Annual revenue for women's apparel for the company is about $500 million, half of men’s, at $1 billion, and Under Armour has long contended that its goal is for the women's segment to grow as big as, if not bigger than, the men's."

The men's side is still growing and adding more big-name stars to its roster. Cornerback Patrick Peterson, who signed a 5-year, $70 million extension with the Cardinals this week, also just switched from Nike to Under Armour.

"At Nike I just felt like another guy and didn't have an opportunity to build a brand and get into the football community as far as the kids and high schools," Peterson told Forbes. "Under Armour is giving me the ability to build a brand and help this company grow. It has so much upside. Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Ed Reed. Seeing the progression it is making each and every year is unbelievable."

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Marshawn Lynch does not say much. The Super Bowl champion Seahawks running back is known for refusing to talk to the media. He lets his four Pro Bowls speak for themselves.

He also lets his car do some of his talking. Lynch was reportedly shooting a movie in Oakland when he parked his white Lamborghini on the street. Rather than leave the vehicle unguarded in his hometown, he (or someone within his circle) put velvet ropes around the car.

If that is not Beast Mode, what is?

Lynch was born in Oakland, attended Oakland Technical High School and played college football at Cal. He was among the Seahawks who attended last Wednesday's ESPY Awards, where the Seahawks were awarded "Best Team." Pete Carroll's club opens training came on Friday as the NFL's defending champion.

Rumors has it the vehicle runs on Skittles.

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Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech's stylish, Ryan Gosling-lookalike head coach, has come to embrace his semi-celebrity status.

He flirts with recruits' moms. He's been through his share of photo shoots. And when he knows the spotlight is on him, he dresses to impress.

This week at Big 12 Media Days, Kingsbury was spotted wearing what appeared to be an uber-expensive Breitling watch. According to Deadspin, the watch has a retail price of more than $100,000.

But, as it turns out, the timepiece is likely a fake. The commentators on this Breitling forum have spotted several abnormalities, like the following:

"Fake tourbillon at 6 is a dead giveaway, plus wrong date font, subdial font, watch has pushers but no chronograph."

Kingsbury could certainly afford this watch -- his salary pays him $10.5 million over five years -- but perhaps he thought no one would notice the difference. Or maybe he himself didn't realize it was a knockoff.

Between this story and the video of Kingsbury morphing into Kansas coach Charlie Weis, it's certainly been a weird week for the third-youngest coach in college football.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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With help from the folks at Elevée, Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins was rocking sharp tuxedo at the ESPYs. See how his strong look came all together, including his choice of socks, shoes and watch.

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Call this Decision 2.1.

Now that LeBron James is back with the Cavaliers, he needs to settle on a jersey number.

Should it be the No. 23 he wore during his first tour in Cleveland?

Or should he stick with the No. 6 he wore while winning two NBA titles in Miami and two Olympic gold medals with Team USA?

Tough call, so the King is taking his dilemma to the people via Twitter and Instagram:

Even before he joined the Heat, James had talked about giving up No. 23 out of respect to Michael Jordan. He even suggested that No. 23 be retired across the league. The Heat had already done that anyway even though Jordan had no official connection to the franchise, so James' decision to take No. 6 avoided any awkwardness.

Based on these posts, James is only considering these two choices, which would rule out some blend of the two like 29 (23 + 6) or 17 (23 - 6). From a symbolic standpoint, Cleveland (23) minus Miami (6) = Homecoming (17) could resonate with Cavs fans.

Perhaps this would be a good time to lobby the league on adopting Nate Robinson's idea that players can pick numbers beyond two digits. Robinson said he would wear 206, Seattle's area code, to represent his hometown.

LeBron could make quite a statement of local pride if he could rock a 216, 330 or 440 on his jersey. Commissioner Adam Silver has shown a willingness to consider fresh ideas, so maybe this issue could be revisited even after LeBron settles on No. 6 or No. 23.

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The style choice of Drop Crotch Pants hasn't quite blossomed into a trend, despite paparazzi shots showing celebrities such as Jared Leto and Justin Bieber wearing them. Perhaps it can gain some traction in the sports world after Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis opted for a pair at the ESPYs and explained how comfortable they are.

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