It's one thing when a derisive T-shirt is produced by fans. It's another when that shirt is created and sold by the licensed apparel manufacturer of a league.

Oakland A's fans aren't too happy with a new T-shirt being sold by Majestic, MLB's official apparel manufacturer. The $22 shirt, pictured below, has both the Giants' and the A's' logos, but above Oakland's elephant the text reads: "Nobody Talks About the Elephant in the Room."

Too far? Maybe. But as Casey Pratt of CSN Bay Area notes, the A's aren't exactly innocent in this Bay Area battle. A few years ago they put up signs with the phrase “Zero Splash Hits, Four World Titles."

Since then, the Giants have won two World Series.

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Big men who are battling DeAndre Jordan already have enough to worry about during games, so at least he affords them some pleasant concessions. They'll never have to deal with his odor or his nails.

Jordan opened up to Elizabeth Holmes of the Wall Street Journal about several of his grooming routines, and in the hyper-masculine world of professional sports, his habits are quite rare.

The 25-year-old Jordan told Holmes that his mom encouraged him to get regular manicures and pedicures when he entered the NBA five years ago.

"She's like, 'Well, your feet are going to take care of you, so you need to take care of your feet.'" Jordan told Holmes.

Jordan says after he got over the initial discomfort (women in the salon laughed at his size 17 feet), he grew to love the process. He's been getting regular manicures and pedicures for the past five years. Now he has a manicurist come to his house every other week.

"I know why girls go and have their nails done so often and have spa days," Jordan said. "It feels awesome."

Manicures and pedicures aren't Jordan's only grooming secret. Jordan says he applies Secret deodorant before games. He likes that it's light and doesn't leave behind any residue.

"I'm always powder-fresh during the games," said Jordan, who is off to one of the best starts of his career. "I'm sure my opponents love that."

Perhaps Jordan is sniffing around for an endorsement.

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Race car drivers spend their competitions covered up with protective gear, so when they get a chance to show off their style, they like to make the most of it. For some insight, here are two of IndyCar's rising stars, Josef Newgarden and Graham Rahal, discussing their grooming guidelines and who they think has the best hair on the circuit.

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Reggie Theus played 13 seasons in the NBA and saw plenty of fine fashion selections from his teammates as well as some big mistakes. And Theus named names. He also called a foul on himself for a certain look he had during his career. See what he means when he says, "Business in front, party in the back."

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Tom Brady can't help but look great.

The New England Patriots star quarterback and part-time model stepped out recently in a green hat that, when placed on the head of most of us, would look utterly ridiculous. But when Brady wore it, it somehow worked.

Brady took his sons, Jack and Benjamin, to a park in Boston for a game of baseball and he looked like he was plucked from a fashion magazine.

Via Pop Sugar, here are the photos:

Go to Pop Sugar to see some more shots of Brady rocking the green top.

This isn't the only interesting hat choice Brady has made recently. Check out this doozy:

We've got to hand it to Brady for being bold with his fashion choices. Sure, not everyone will approve, but at least he's willing to try something new.

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Just in time for the holidays, The Tie Bar has released Dwyane Wade's signature line of bowties.

The three-time NBA champion backs up his reputation as one of the most fashionable professional athletes with this grouping.

The bowtie line is part of a larger collaboration with The Tie Bar. Along with 29 silk bow ties, Wade is also working on 15 neckties and 15 pocket squares.

"Dwyane has a keen eye for design," The Tie Bar CEO, Anand Shah, told GQ. "If he weren't so awesome at basketball, I would consider bringing him on board to design full-time."

The neckwear collection should go well with Wade's colorful new sock line:

With all these apparel lines Wade, who has put on his own fashion show in the offseason, has probably got some creative playoff outfit ideas up his designer-brand sleeve.

Andre Drummond of the Pistons put some of his $2.5 million salary to good use recently when he bought new jerseys for his high school's basketball team.

Drummond, who graduated from St. Thomas More in Oakdale, Conn., in 2011, posted a picture to his Instagram page of the St. Thomas More team decked out in their new digs.

He wrote:

"Had to give my young pups some new uniforms! Couldn't have them out there rocking what we had when I played! #STMALUM"

You can't tell by their looks in the photo, but these guys are surely appreciative of Drummond's gift.

(H/T to For The Win)

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Two months before Sharknado became a TV phenomenon, Ian Ziering generated some of his own buzz by working a four-week guest gig with Chippendales in Las Vegas. How did Ziering develop killer abs that he could flash on stage with the rest of the crew? We caught up with him at his home in Los Angeles to talk about working out and looking good:

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Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning are on this list of the NFL's most stylish dressers. So is Reggie Bush. But don't worry. There is more than one defensive player that makes the cut.

The selections were made by ThePostGame's crack editorial staff of fashion buffs who combed through lots of red carpet footage to identify the best looks.

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There's something to be said about dressing for success in college basketball. Four active NCAA basketball coaches have won multiple national championships. All four of them are our list for most stylish coaches. Check out their winning looks: