How far would you go to support your college football team? One Louisville fan isn't messing around with letting his neighbors know exactly who will be on his TV screen on Saturdays.

Charles Blair told The Kentucky that he had started painting his lawn four years ago.

"Every time I cut the grass I would be like 'It would be cool to do some sort of logo," he said.

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Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but the woman knows how to generate a conversation.

Cyrus' risque dance at the VMAs has transcended pop culture and prompted a societal discussion on topics like race and gender.

Whatever you think about Cyrus and her dance, she's managed to stay in the headlines, which isn't easy in this rapid-fire news cycle.

And how does Cyrus respond to the controversy over her dance? With another image with plenty of skin:

Interestingly, this isn't the first time Cyrus has been spotted "wearing" a Michael Jordan uniform. A few months ago she was spotted sporting a No. 23 jersey and not much else.

Cyrus has no clear connection to Chicago, or the NBA, so it appears that these fashion statements are most likely meant to promote her new song, "23." Sex, as they say, sells.

Chicago sports fans will be happy (or, perhaps, sad) to know that this isn't the only time Cyrus has posed in Windy City sports gear this summer. While in Chicago for a concert in June, Cyrus tweeted these photos of herself in a customized White Sox jersey:

Cyrus reportedly also befriended Bulls forward Jimmy Butler while in Chicago. Maybe she'll soon be switching from the No. 23 jersey to a No. 21.

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If you thought that the announcement of sleeved jerseys was the biggest uniform news to come out of Los Angeles this week, think again.

The Lakers' official Instagram account dropped another bombshell when it revealed that the team is planning to wear black "Hollywood Nights" jerseys for a select few home games next season.

These uniforms are pretty cool if you ask us. According to ESPNLA, these jerseys are part of the league's "city pride" movement, which includes "Rip City" jerseys for Portland and "Motor City" digs for Detroit.

While there was once a question of whether the league liked its players wearing black jerseys, the colors seems to be in vogue now with the Heat wearing it on special occasions and the Nets donning it on the road.

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NBA fans better get used to seeing players wearing sleeved jerseys.

That's because the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the league's marquee franchises and a squad that will be all over national television next season, will be donning the new digs for "several games."

ESPN's Dave McMenamin tweeted the news Tuesday:

For those wondering what Kobe Bryant and Co. will look like, here's an idea:

The sleeved jerseys, first worn by the Golden State Warriors, have been criticized by Steph Curry and Roy Hibbert.

According to reports, five teams will wear short-sleeve jerseys as an alternate jersey for as many as 12 games during the 2013-14 season. Another 20 teams will wear the jerseys at least once. While the entire list of teams set to wear the jerseys has not been released, we know the Suns and now the Lakers are part of that group.

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These are sadly not allowed in games per NFL policy, but that won't stop Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb from using his Spidey Sense during practice at least.

The fifth-year player proudly displayed his new gloves on his Instagram account earlier this week:

Webb, who according to the Ravens official site is a huge Marvel comics fan, got the gloves from Under Armour, where non-NFL players can nab them for $64.99. They even feature "Armour® GrabTack palm is ultra-sticky, for superior ball control," which is sort of like the stuff Spiderman uses to catch things in his web.


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Tis the season for new NBA jerseys.

In recent weeks the Pistons and Pelicans unveiled new digs, and Thursday it was the Suns' turn.

Phoenix went above and beyond other teams in its unveiling, having a fashion show at a local mall. Five current players were joined by a bevy of Phoenix legends in showing off what is the fourth new look in the team's 45 year history.

“We wanted to update the look, modernize the look, but also tie it back to the past and the legacy of the team,” team president Jason Rowley said. “We’ve got a lot of good, young players who are going to be the future of this team. It’s a new era and no better way to launch a new era than with new jerseys.”

As you can see on Eric Bledsoe (second from left) and Caron Butler (second from right), the Suns will be one of the teams to test out sleeved jerseys next season.

For more photos of the new jerseys, see here.

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Dwight Howard's jersey won't be his only new piece of apparel when the Houston Rockets' big man hits the court next season.

Howard, 27, will presumably also don the DH4, the fourth evolution of Howard's signature shoe. Adidas, Howard's sponsor, released images of the shoe this week. They have a red-and-yellow theme, which will no doubt match Howard's Houston jersey. From an adidas press release:

“The spiral wave design on the shoe’s upper is inspired by Dwight’s playing style and how he circles the paint protecting the rim by blocking shots and grabbing rebounds. The bright color palette of this Yellow-Gold-Blue colorway was selected to match Dwight’s personality while the tongue and three-stripes branding both feature a chrome treatment to stand out on the court.”

Not coincidentally, Howard will be going on an Asian tour for the next 10 days where he'll be donning the new kicks.

Rockets fans can only hope that Howard's play is as flashy as these shoes.

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At 68 and with more than two decades of head coaching experience, Steve Spurrier does not have to impress anyone. He is a living legend, one of the game's most respected coaches.

And he knows it.

In a move that perhaps only he could pull off, Spurrier removed both his shirt and his shoes at a recent South Carolina practice. Ordinarily this might hard to believe, but there is photo and video proof.

South Carolina running back Kendric Salley tweeted the following photo:

And wide receiver Shaq Roland posted a video in which shirtless Spurrier makes a cameo (the very last image):

So, to recap, Spurrier's offseason has consisted of trips to Arby's and shirtless practices. Bravo.

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