Tim Tebow has lost a lot of fans during the past year, but he's still in the good graces of college football's most electrifying player.

Johnny Manziel, who we've seen in headlines several times this summer, made news again this weekend when he was reportedly kicked out of a frat party at Texas on Friday. Then on Saturday, Manziel was at a different party, this time rocking a Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey:

While not many people would have the courage to go out in public wearing a Tebow jersey after the disastrous 2012-2013 season, give Manziel credit for sticking by his guy. Tebow has paid Manziel the ultimate compliment, saying he enjoys watching the 20-year-old play and that he likes Manziel's "swag."

Manziel has said he looks up to Tebow and he would love to speak with the New England Patriots backup. While in some respects Manziel and Tebow are polar opposites, they do have a lot in common. Both are SEC quarterbacks and Heisman winners who found success early in their careers. Tebow, like Manziel, was thrust into the national spotlight early in his college career.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Manziel took a lot of flak on Twitter for ...

a) being at Texas, which some consider a rival to Texas A&M
b) going to a frat party after recent allegations that he was kicked out of a passing camp for partying too hard
c) wearing Tebow's jersey.

And so, as he has done before, Manziel took to Twitter on Sunday to defend himself:

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You're probably familiar with the most high profile superhero enthusiast on the Washington Redskins. You know, the guy who wore Superman socks to the Heisman Trophy ceremony and ended up winning NFL rookie of the year?

What you may not know is that there's another comic book fan on the team, except this one plays on the other side of the ball.

Linebacker Brian Orakpo is taking a cue from a Batman character as he enters his fifth season with the Redskins. Part of a growing trend of defenders who are adopting a new grill for their facemasks to make it harder for lineman to grab onto their helmets, Orakpo has unveiled his new "Bane" look.

Fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman series will recognize Bane as the masked supervillian who tries to take down Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane sports a mask over his mouth, which inspired Orakpo as he searched for a new grill.

Several weeks ago Orakpo hinted at the new design, saying:

“It’s a secret. No one else will have this one. I want to credit J. Tuck, the homie, for starting this trend. But I went ahead and created my own little deal. I got it coming soon. Think Bane from Batman.”

Orakpo has been wearing the new face mask during Redskins camp, and it looks pretty good. The new look should certainly help him destroy Gotham, er, avoid offensive lineman.

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Just when you think you had seen the most bizarre minor league baseball uniforms possible, the New Britain RockCats have come out with these "Christmas in July" digs.

The Minnesota Twins' Double-A affiliate wore these uniforms during a game against the Portland SeaDogs.

The RockCats lost both games of the doubleheader, so maybe they should toss the Santa jerseys. After all, there's a reason the big guy only shows his face in December.

You've got to give the RockCats some creativity points here. It's not easy for a minor league team to get this much publicity, so we tip our caps to New Britain's brain trust.

That said, the uniforms are pretty ugly. Is that a fake beard around the neckline? Here's a tip for teams planning a similar promotion in the future: Facial hair and jerseys do not go well together.

Luckily for the RockCats, these uniforms aren't even the most hideous of this year. That honor goes to the Toledo Mud Hens and their Chewbacca jerseys.

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The World Fencing Championships, coming up next month in Budapest, are going for a big splash with a series of posters and videos in campaign called "Just Like In The Movies." It shows fencers from what, according to the press release, are supposed to be from fans' favorite movies.

From the Mol World Fencing Championships Facebook page:

There's also an incredible unofficial video:

This text will be replaced

The posters and ad campaign come months after Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov was re-elected president of the International Federation of Fencing, with the pledge to make the sport more popular. His election comes as the sport has spread and become more popular around the globe: For example, at the 2012 Olympics, fencers from five continents, for the first time, climbed the podium.

The federation, according to Bloomberg News is also looking to expand fencing at the Olympics in 2016.

The Olympic Committee, as wrestling learned in the past few months, has often depended on the mass appeal and accessibility of sports to fans to decide their place in the games.

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Nerlens Noel has not forgotten about the teams that passed over him in the NBA draft.

The former Kentucky star, who is recovering from knee surgery, was widely pegged as the top pick in last month's draft. But, as we all remember, he tumbled all the way down to the sixth slot, where he was selected by the New Orleans Pelicans before being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

"I'm going to make them pay," Noel said about the teams that passed over him.

When Noel takes the court for the 76ers, which is expected to be sometime mid-season, he will have a lasting reminder of all the teams that spurned him.

The No. 5 is currently taken by backup forward Arnett Moultrie, so Noel may have to work out some sort of deal to get the jersey.

As Michael Kaskey-Blomain of Philly.com points out, after Andrew Bynum's seeming lack of motivation last year as he returned from an injury, 76ers fans will certainly be able to appreciate Noel's sense of urgency.

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Because apparently the game itself wasn't interesting enough, Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond decided it was time for a quick shave between the first and second innings.

A before and after look, courtesy of MLB's Cut 4.

To be fair, shortly before Desmond decided to take off his facial hair, he grounded into a double play. Maybe it was just time to change his luck? The Nationals lost to the Phillies 4-2, so he might consider another change.

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Who says NBA players are too old and wealthy to listen to their mothers? DeAndre Jordan, despite his 6.3 rebounds per game last year, is apparently still consulting with his on fashion choices.

Maybe he should think about switching agents to someone who can help him out with that?

For the record, here's some of Jordan's past fashion choices:

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