It seems Dwyane Wade, more than any other player, has gotten tons of flak for his outfits during the NBA playoffs.

And perhaps rightfully so, seeing as he has worn things like this. And this. And this. And ... well, you get the point.

So it's nice to finally see Wade don an outfit that has drawn universal praise. In the midst of a hard-fought Eastern Conference Finals series with the Indiana Pacers, Wade took a moment to post an adorable photo of him and his young son, Zion.

The photo, which Wade posted on Zion's sixth birthday, shows the duo wearing matching outfits -- leather jackets, skinny jeans and leather boots. Say what you will about the clothing, but the pose is absolutely precious.

Wade has put a lot of effort into raising his sons, even penning a book called A Father First, and it's great to see that during a rugged series, he hasn't lost sight of his priorities.

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A Buffalo Bills fan who, from what else we can see on his Facebook page seems relatively sane, may be one of O.J. Simpson's last fans left. Such a big fan, it turns out, that he got a huge tattoo of the football star-turned-murder-suspect-turned convicted felon on his leg.

The man, identified on as Bryan Labarron, writes on his Facebook page that the tattoo is a) yes, real and b) took nine hours to complete.

"I have 3 Bills tats and my OJ is my favorite ..." he wrote.

When asked about the obvious murder trial question, the newly tattooed fan quickly leapt to Simpson's defense.

"Oj was found not guilty of that murder thing but that's a story for anther day ..." he said.

Thomas Latona, the owner of Renaissance Custom Tattoos who did Labarron's tattoo, said the two had originally discussed doing one of Thurman Thomas, but couldn't find the right picture for the job.

"We talked about it a little more and the idea came up about O.J. and I was excited about doing the iconic O.J. picture everyone knows -- it was in magazines -- the mugshot," Latona told ThePostGame.

As for his feelings on Simpson, Latona said he liked him in Naked Gun.

"I don't know if I'm a fan," Latona said. "It's not my business what he did -- the courts can take care of that."

Ex-NFL Lineman's New Film: Legal Fight For Human Leg Found In BBQ Grill

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With increasingly humorous fashion becoming the theme of the week for MLB teams, the Angels styled themselves up with the multicolored fedoras given away at the ballpark Wednesday night.

CJ Wilson posted the picture on his Instagram of his teammates sporting the hat on their trip to Kansas City. "Whole team is rocking the giveaway hats for the flight #freesoup #looksgoodonyouthough," he wrote.

The Angels gave away fedora hats earlier this month in the Angels' matchup against the Orioles to the first 37,000 people in the stands.

As one commenter pointed out on Wilson's Instagram, the look can only get better if the Angels' follow through with some other free giveaways. In June, the team is giving away "rally wigs" and Mike Trout fish hats.

Wilson's fiancee, Lisalla Montenegro, also got in on the fedora action.

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Dan Gilbert stole the show last night on the NBA draft lottery--and not for his reaction at the Cavs' high draft spot. His suit, as many observers noted, seemed to be fit more for an audition for "My Cousin Vinny" than a high stakes lottery show.

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Could Plaxico Burress's key to being known for something other than accidentally shooting himself at a nightclub lie in footwear? The Steelers wide receiver, according to The New York Times is debuting his own line of luxury hosiery.

The line has its own Twitter account (@PlaxicosSocks) and a website ( for curious consumers looking to up their own style. The line on display runs between $24-$29 and begins shipping on June 1.

"I've been planning my sock line from behind the scenes for a couple of years; nobody even knew I was doing it," Burress told the newspaper. "So it's a lot of hard work that got me to this point."

If the socks take off, Burress plans to expand his line.

"The ultimate goal is to get into bow ties, cuff links and belts," he told the Times. "Definitely belts. Come on, who doesn't need a great belt?"

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Looking for another reason to go to an A's game? Free Zubaz pants might do the trick. According to, fans that purchase a special Plaza Reserved ticket package for the team's August 3 game against the Rangers will receive a pair of green and gold Zubaz pants.

What are Zubaz pants? Ridiculously tacky zebra-like pants that according to the promotion "have been worn by some of the world's best fans and top athletes, most recently by A's pitchers Pat Neshek, Sean Doolittle, and Evan Scribner," a wonderful trend that began in 1988.

The Zubaz website also boasts matching sunglasses, ties and NFL pants as well.

The Zubaz pants made their way back into the hearts of A's players, it seems, earlier this month when the company surprised the clubhouse with a shipment of the pants after reliever Pat Neshek tweeted a picture of the A's groundskeepers wearing them in the 1990s. "We need to get the Oakland grounds crew wearing @zubaz again," he said.

It appears, if the promotion goes well, he may get a good chunk of the stadium wearing them.

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Andre Agassi just did it. Again.

Eight years after leaving Nike to sign with Adidas, Agassi reunited with the Swoosh on Monday.

The tennis Hall of Famer posted a photo on his Facebook page that shows him standing under the famed Nike logo. The caption was simple and direct:


Agassi, 43, was not immediately available for comment. But Nike confirmed that Hall of Famer was back in its fold through a press release that included this quote from Agassi:

"Nike has opened new horizons through its Designed to Move campaign, while consistently and historically championing health and fitness. Coming back together through this partnership will have a multiplying effect on this and future generations."

Nike, the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Council of Science & Physical Education are among the groups involved with Designed To Move, a project that promotes physical activity, particularly with children. This combination of helping kids and advocating fitness should be an attractive blend for Agassi.

Since retiring from tennis in 2006, Agassi has devoted much of his time to improving education across America. He founded a charter school in Las Vegas in 2001, and then in 2011, he launched a campaign to provide $500 million of funding for 75 charter schools nationwide.

Last year Agassi and his trainer, Gil Reyes, introduced a line of fitness equipment called BILT that's based on the customized pieces of gym equipment he used during his career. One of them, known as the Change Of Direction (COD) Machine, won an industry award for its design and safety.

"As a philanthropist and campaigner, he continues to share Nike's commitment to inspire the young generation with his Just Do It spirit," Nike co-founder and chairman Phil Knight said in a statement. "We are honored to welcome him back."

Back in 2005, the Los Angeles Times reported that one of the reasons Agassi left Nike was the "willingness of Adidas to also support Agassi's charitable foundation and other initiatives." Additionally, Agassi's wife, Steffi Graf, wore Adidas throughout her career.

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In the cutthroat world of postgame fashion in the NBA playoffs, players are always looking for an edge.

This year there has been no shortage of impressive outfits. Everything from cutoffs and a gold chain to floral to whatever this is.

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert nearly blew all of his counterparts out of the water with one small accessory. The Pacers big man, while not known for his fashion sense, knew he had to step up his game for the playoffs.

So before Saturday's Eastern Conference semifinal game between the Pacers and the Knicks, Hibbert packed a monocle to wear at the podium, just in case he had a big game. Twenty-four points and 12 rebounds later, Hibbert was preparing to head to the podium when he sought the opinion of a teammate and the team's PR director about the monocle.

Unfortunately, both men advised Hibbert not to wear the monocle.

"I asked my teammate Paul (George) if I should do this," Hibbert said after the game while holding the monocle. "This is my first time at the podium basically all year. I know a lot of people always wear crazy get-ups and stuff like that, so I said to myself before the game, ‘I’m going to have a great game tonight.' I was advised by Paul George and David Benner not to set a trend by wearing a monocole, so I’m not putting on the monocle."

It's a shame that Hibbert didn't wear the monocle, because that would have forced other players to seriously pick up their game. Alas, apparently only certain people can pull off that look.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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It seems that everything Robert Griffin III touches turns to gold.

A year after winning the Heisman Trophy at Baylor, Griffin led the Washington Redskins on a remarkable turnaround that ended in a surprising playoff berth. So, just how valuable has Griffin become for the Redskins and their fans?

A pair of pink cleats worn and signed by Griffin were recently auctioned off for a whopping $15,000 at an American Cancer Society auction which raised money for the organization. The shoes beat out a Super Bowl package and a Redskins VIP experience as the most expensive item at the auction.

The new owner of the shoes, a Texas real estate investor named Gerald Haddock, will add them to a small shrine he has to Griffin in the corner of his office. Haddock, a Baylor alum, told the Washington Post that he also has a jersey, a helmet and a signed football.

"My family loves the Snyders," Haddock said of Washington owner Dan Snyder and his family. "We love doing something for the organization. It’s not about the shoes, but it is about honoring them and the organization. And Robert Griffin. Robert Griffin means as much to us in Texas and to the people who supported him at Baylor, as he does to the family of Washington. And so it’s really a combination of all those things."

Sara Kogod of the Washington Post wrote that Griffin also posed for 18 photos (which he later autographed) for $1,000 at the auction. So in essence he single-handedly raised more than $30,000 for the American Cancer Society.

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Adam Scott has only one year to wear his authentic Masters jacket, and it's hard to deny that he has been making great use of his time with the green blazer.

The 32-year-old Scott, who won the Masters for the first time last month, spoke to the media this week at the Players Championship for the first time since his win at Augusta. Scott told reporters that he slips into the blazer each morning.

"When I walk in the closet I put the green jacket on every morning, I do," Scott said. "I've enjoyed that I've missed it the last couple days. It's the first couple days I haven't had it with me, so that's been a lot of fun, just wearing it around the house."

Good for Scott. He probably won't have too many opportunities to wear the jacket outside his house, so he might as well take advantage of it when he's lounging around.

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