The Force will be with the Toledo Mud Hens next weekend.

The Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers recently revealed the jerseys that they'll be wearing for their series next weekend, and they truly look like they are from a universe far, far away.

As you'll see above, the Mud Hens' uniforms are Chewbacca-themed, perhaps a first in professional sports. At first glance they look pretty ugly, but are they so hideous as to be beautiful? Decide for yourself.

The themed jerseys, which will be auctioned off for local charities after the game, are just one part of the Mud Hens' Star Wars tribute.

According to the team's website, the Mud Hens are sponsoring a Kazoo giveaway (so fans can participate when music from the movie is played) and will have themed food (Yoda Soda, Darth Chocolate Brownie Sundae, etc.). There will also be Star Wars sound effects throughout the game and appearances by Star Wars characters.

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While the soon-to-be millionaires at the NFL Draft paraded through New York wearing fancy suits, halfway across the country the coach of the team picking first went the opposite direction with his attire.

Andy Reid, the new head man of the Kansas City Chiefs, was shown on Thursday night sitting in the team's war room in what can be best described as a casual shirt. Amidst a sea of executives wearing suits, Reid donned his trademark Hawaiian shirt.

The 55-year-old Reid, who was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles in December after 14 seasons, is to Hawaiian shirts what Bill Belichick is to the hoodie. He wears them often, whether it's appropriate or not.

So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised to see Reid in a Hawaiian shirt on the night where his team has the top overall pick in the draft. But it's still somewhat jarring amidst all the suits to see a brightly colored, short sleeve shirt.

Kudos to Reid, though, for not caving under the pressure of expectations. The man clearly does not care what other people think, and for that we applaud him.

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Among all the accessories worn by players at Thursday's NFL draft, which included 3-D glasses and more than a few pocket squares, one of the most meaningful pieces was an angel pendant sported by Geno Smith.

The 22-year-old Smith, who wasn't selected in the first round of the draft Thursday, got the angel as a tribute to his maternal grandmother Mosetta Bratton, who passed away in August 2012. Smith lived with Bratton until he was 4.

“My grandmother passed prior to my senior season and I always thought of her as my angel,” Smith told reporters. "So I got an angel to always keep her with me."

It's been quite an emotional week for Smith, who has been tasked with the difficult burden of being one of the top quarterbacks in a weak draft for signal callers. Things got even worse for Smith on Thursday night, when he fell out of the first round.

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There's nothing understated about the NFL draft.

In fact, it's become such a high-profile night that there's a movie being filmed at this year's event.

But the league has gone too far with one stunt. In what seems to be a new tradition, the league on Thursday had several men dressed in tuxedos carry the teams' caps in to Radio City Music Hall.

The hats were put in airtight glass cases and paraded down the red carpet.

It seems ambitious to even have a red carpet at the NFL draft. It's not a movie premiere, after all.

Tom Ley of Deadspin might have put it best when he wrote "These guys are carrying stupid football hats in glass cases like each one of them is the f-----g Hope Diamond."

It trivializes and (further) commercializes the draft to have the hats paraded down the red carpet. The event is about players and teams, not the apparel.

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Rip Hamilton's shoe collection would make Chris Paul blush.

All it takes is a quick glance at Hamilton's Twitter profile to know that he is a "sneakerhead." But we may not have realized the magnitude of Hamilton's obsession until he posted a new photo on Instagram. The image is of the 6-foot-7 Hamilton standing in a U-Haul van with boxes of sneakers packed above his head.

"Tbt," Hamilton wrote. "Had to many sneakers in the crib had to fill up 2 u-hauls to put them in another spot. #brandjordan #sneakerhead #sneakernews #holdat"

Hamilton is not shy about showing off his massive sneaker collection, which might very well be the largest in the league. Whereas some athletes have "sneaker closets," Hamilton, it appears, has a sneaker storage facility.

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If you thought Nike was done altering NFL jerseys after revamping every team's uniform last year, think again.

About one month ago a photo leaked of what some thought was a new Jacksonville Jaguars uniform. And, according to uniform expert Paul Lukas, the image may indeed be a sneak peek at what Jacksonville will wear next year.

Lukas confirmed that the image was legitimate, and also learned several other interesting tidbits about the Jaguars' new jerseys:

-- The Jaguars' new uniforms will have a military theme. Among other things, that means that the players' last names will appear on the front of the jersey.

-- The Jaguar logo will be "somewhat larger than normal" for an NFL helmet. It could be similar to Boise State's Pro Combat helmet.

Lukas, for one, isn't a fan of the changes:

"if it is accurate," he writes, "it certainly sounds like a total freaking nightmare on nearly every conceivable level."

Lukas cautions that none of this information is official, but this man is the internet's foremost uniform expert, so if you're going to trust anyone's sources, it should be his.

For more information about the Jaguars' jerseys, see here.

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LeBron is king no more.

Of jerseys sales, that is.

The three-time MVP was passed on the most recent list of top-selling jerseys by New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. According to an official release from, Anthony's jersey is the league's top seller since November 2012. James, last year's leader, came in second. Next were Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose.

This is Anthony's first time atop the jersey standings. James has been the league's leader four times, while Bryant has led the NBA on seven occasions. Anthony is the first Knicks player to lead the league in sales since data was released in the 2000-01 season.

This is certainly a curious time for Anthony to leapfrog James, seeing as James is coming off the best year of his career, one in which he won the league's MVP, the Finals MVP as well as an Olympic gold medal.

Anthony is also having one of the best seasons of his career, and his Knicks are poised to finish with their best record since Anthony arrived in New York.

Fittingly, the Knicks and the Heat, respectively, topped the list of team jersey sales. They were followed by the Los Angeles Lakers, the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls.

For the complete list of top players and teams -- Lakers are still ahead of the Clippers in this category -- see here.

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Iman Shumpert, the New York Knicks forward known as much for his smooth beats as for his cool hairstyle, has found one 'do that is too much for the NBA.

Shumpert, who endorses Adidas, recently shaved the company's logo into the back of his head. While it might have seemed like a good idea and a neat tribute to Adidas, the NBA was not smiling.

The league contacted Shumpert and forced him to remove the logo, citing a rule in the NBA's rule book: "The only article bearing a commercial 'logo' which can be worn by players is their shoes."

So Shumpert shaved the logo, and now all he's got is an empty triangle. He posted a photo on Instagram of the two looks.

"#banned," Shumpert wrote. "sry @nba didn't realize there were branding issues wit da logo #iPUToN."

At least Shumpert's etching was for his actual sponsor. A few years ago, Marcin Gortat found himself in an uncomfortable situation after Reebok, with whom he had a shoe contract, discovered he had a Jordan Brand/Nike tattoo on his leg.

It is unclear if Shumpert was fined for the logo, but if he was, his is perhaps the second most bizarre fine handed out by the NBA this year. Earlier in the year, the NBA fined San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich $250,000 for sending his star players home instead of having them take the court against the Miami Heat.

The league has also had some issues with social media. Last year it fined J.R. Smith for a graphic twitter photo and Amar'e Stoudamire for using a slur in a direct message. Earlier this year, Stephen Jackson was set back $25,000 for threatening Serge Ibaka on Twitter and Mark Cuban was fined for criticizing officials.

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