The highly anticipated debut of the Brooklyn Nets is almost one month away, and the excitement is palpable. The team is slowly revealing different aspects of the franchise, like the court design and the cheerleaders' outfits.

And now, thanks to a trailer for the video game NBA 2K13, we've got a sneak peak at the Nets' new uniforms. The jerseys are a simple black-and-white, with "Brooklyn" written across the front.

Jay-Z, a part owner of the team who helped design the uniforms, has said he wanted something "classic" and "Yankee-like".

Jay-Z is also executive producer of NBA 2K13, so draw your own conclusions on whether this leak was one of the "accidentally on purpose" situations.

A Nets spokeswoman said the jerseys have not been officially released, but reports that the uniforms will be on display Friday night, during the first of eight sold-out concerts that Jay-Z is hosting at Barclays Center.

NBA 2K13 is set for release on Tuesday.

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There was quite an uproar several weeks ago when rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III pulled an end-around on the NFL's new deal with Nike and covered the swoosh on his undershirt. First he drew a large "H" over the swoosh, and after being reprimanded, he wore another shirt over his undershirt.

It turns out Griffin isn't the only high profile quarterback looking to avoid any association with Nike. During a press conference on Wednesday, Tom Brady could be seen wearing a small piece of tape over the Nike swoosh on the left sleeve of his sweatshirt. Brady has an endorsement deal with Under Armour.

The Boston Globe's Shalise Manza Young tweeted a photo of Brady's wardrobe alteration.

While the NFL is not afraid to penalize players for wearing improper attire, Griffin was not fined and it seems unlikely that Brady will be.

While the issue of uniform alterations is starting to become a trend, this crafty cover-up has a history dating back two decades. During the medal ceremony at the 1992 Olympics, Michael Jordan and several Dream Team teammates wore flags draped over their uniforms, covering the Reebok logo. Jordan, of course, had signed with Nike.

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The last we heard from E. Gordon Gee, he had just finished putting his foot in his mouth.

When "Tattoo-Gate" first engulfed Ohio State, Gee was asked whether he had given any thought to firing coach Jim Tressel. Gee rather infamously responded: "I'm just hoping that the coach doesn't dismiss me."

In fact, Gee has become somewhat of a punch line in the college sports realm. In addition to his Tressel gaffe, he also called TCU and Boise State the "Little Sisters of the Poor."

Throughout all of Gee's blunders, one thing has remained constant: his bow tie. Gee has become synonymous with his neckwear, and he gets asked about it during many of his public appearances.

During a recent investigation into Gee's expenses, the Dayton Daily News found out just how much money Gee and the University spend on the bow tie. Since 2007, when Gee took office, the newspaper reports that Ohio State has spent $64,000 on bow ties and bow tie-related items, like bow tie cookies and O-H and bow tie pins.

That's a lot of bow ties.

It should be noted that Gee is one of the most prolific fundraisers in the country, and he has helped Ohio State haul in some of its biggest donations in the school's history. So, does that justify all the spending on bow ties?

To be fair, if anyone needs a good bow tie, it's Gee.

(H/T to Sports Illustrated)

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Vogue isn't a magazine known for covering football, but its latest issue features plenty of Tim Tebow -- uncovered.

Perhaps there is just some unwritten rule among fashion publications that says a spread involving Tebow must contain a certain amount of shirtless footage.

There might be an argument about aesthetics, but it's difficult to deny this is a good business decision, given Tebow's magnetic appeal. Love him or hate him, Tebow knows how to draw a crowd.

Vogue is the latest to take a stab at capturing the allure of Tebow with photos from Annie Leibovitz. The article is in the October issue of Vogue, which hits newsstands Sept. 25, and is also available on

Here's a video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at Tebow's shoot with Leibovitz:

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So Michael Crabtree is really serious about this "King" stuff.

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, whose twitter handle is @KingCrab15, took one more step in his early coronation this week. Crabtree tweeted a photo of himself wearing a sparkling new vest that reads "King Crabtree" and has a crown at the top.

The vest also has two images of Crabtree as well as a 49ers logo. Crabtree also tweeted, "Don't hate on my vest!" If you say so, Michael.

The fourth-year wideout earned the right to pat himself on the back after the 49ers' two wins. Crabtree has snagged 13 balls for 143 yards.

(H/T to USA Today)

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We've seen how passionate Tennessee Volunteers fans are. These people are willing to go to lengths for their team.

And now, another impressive example of a fan's dedication is making its rounds on the Internet. The Twitter user @JayEzzy posted this photo of himself with a goatee shaped like the Tennessee logo.

Take a moment and appreciate this for all its excellence.

In his tweet, he calls this the "power t beard," and that is probably the best way to describe it. This masterpiece exudes authority.

Tennnessee fans will surely be glad to see this work of art. If not because of its sheer awesomeness, then because they can rest in comfort knowing that Jeff Fisher does not have the best facial hair in the state's history.

(H/T to USA Today)

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At this point, it's hard to be surprised by anything Brian Wilson does. After all, he is the man who wore a Spandex tuxedo to the ESPYs and is filming a talk show series with Sasquatch.

But it's impossible to ignore a photo of the San Francisco Giants pitcher that was snapped this week. The picture, taken by Stephen Goldblatt and posted on Instagram, is an absolute gem. On the surface, it shows Wilson riding to work on his motorized scooter. That is amazing enough, but there's more.

Wilson, who has sat out most of this year after having Tommy John surgery, appears to be wearing a fanny pack.

He is also sporting some sweet kicks. How sweet? Try $7,000 on eBay. Those are Nike's Back To The Future shoes, and they are certainly not cheap. But on the bright side, the proceeds from the sales of the shoe are going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

This is not the first time Wilson has been spotted in the Back To The Future shoes. He wore them last year in the dugout during a game between the Giants and the New York Mets.

Give the man some credit for having a good time despite recovering from serious surgery.

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It was an emotional home opener for the San Diego Chargers and their fans Sunday, as the club honored deceased linebacker Junior Seau by retiring his jersey.

Seau, a 12-time Pro-Bowler and a mainstay in the middle of the Chargers' defense during the 1990s, committed suicide in May.

While tons of current and former players have come out and shown their support for Seau during the past few months, Chargers defensive lineman Antonio Garay sported perhaps the most creative tribute to Seau.

Garay, who is known for his unique hairstyles, had an image of Seau as well as Seau's No. 55 shaved into the back of his head for the game against the Titans.

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After seeing the Tom Brady commercials and billboards for UGG boots, you may wonder who is buying these shoes?

Larry Fitzgerald, apparently.

As the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots gear up for a rare matchup this weekend, the compliments are flying. Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Fitzgerald may end up as the greatest receiver of all time, and Fitzgerald said Belichick was already "the best coach ever."

When asked about Brady, Fitzgerald couldn't hide his man-crush:

"He's just unbelievable, passer rating, touchdowns-to-interceptions (ratio), the guy does it every single year," Fitzgerald said. "Not to mention he has the most beautiful wife in the world. So he's every man's dream ... er, every woman's dream, I mean."

Fitzgerald thinks so highly of Brady that he said he bought a pair of UGG boots to be just like him.

It's not hard to see why Fitzgerald is longing for a quarterback. Since Kurt Warner and Fitzgerald took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl four years ago, Fitzgerald has had to catch passes from the likes of John Skelton, Derek Anderson and Max Hall. There's a reason none of those guys have a deal with UGG.

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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"Hey Oak-Man!" yells Trent Tucker from across the room where brunch is being served at the Old Oaks Country Club in Purchase, N.Y. Charles Oakley stands in a lime green ensemble (complete with equally lime green shoes) by an empty table, plate in hand, getting ready to chow down on some quality breakfast.

Oakley is here to support Tucker, his old Knicks teammate, at his charity's Celebrity Golf Event, where golfers spend the day playing with athletes and other celebs to benefit the Trent Tucker University Scholars Program and The Max Cure Foundation, which devoted to research of rare pediatric cancers.

But Oakley won't be golfing. He's still undergoing some physical rehab that he says won't allow him to swing the club too effectively, so he's simply there to support his buds, many of them former teammates, on their own day out on the green. (When asked if he was rooting for one particular friend to kill it on the golf course, Oakley just says, "I'm not rooting for anyone. Just Tiger Woods every Sunday.")

So what else has Oak-Man, the legendary Knick, been up to lately? Well, talk to him over an Oakley-approved bacon breakfast and you'll see that the answer is ... a lot. Just call him the Oak of All Trades -- he has plans to break into and succeed in almost every industry ("except acting," he points out) -- including that of predicting the records of New York football teams.

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"I was at the Jets game the other day," he says, although quickly making it clear that when it comes to picking between the Jets and Giants, he simply chooses New York, and tries to get himself to two or three games for each team every season.

"It was a great performance," he says of the Jets' surprising 48-28 opening day win over the Bills. "It was an impressive win, and Sanchez looked good. He played a good game, other than that interception during that first drive."

As for that other quarterback the Jets have on their team? "You know, when you're trying to build something, when you're trying to build a team, the other guy's gotta wait his turn," he says. "You play who you play."

He says we'll just have to wait and see what happens, because the Jets seem to have "perpetual bad luck." But he does think they'll finish with a promising 10-6 record -- the same record he predicts for the Giants. So, both New York teams are playoff bound, then? "I don't know. Where does 10-6 get you these days? That's where they'll end up."

As for the NBA, Oakley's not quite as talkative. "I'm not really excited about it," he says. "I don't play anymore, so why should I be excited?"

And he says there are "too many bad teams" to get pumped about watching. Predictions for the Knicks? "Just like the Jets. We've gotta wait and see."

Not that Oakley's used to doing much waiting -- he's got quite the lineup of interests to tackle in the meantime. He's working on his own fashion line -- which perhaps illustrates why he's so impeccably matched in green today, is working on releasing more of his strength training materials, including the Charles Oakley workout band to be worn around the thighs, and says he's working on producing a movie -- although is resistant about any future acting career other than perhaps a short cameo.

And then of course, there's his passion for food, which he makes clear when he turns to me, amidst bites of bacon, to tell me the food at this brunch is "delicious." He says he's working on his own cooking show, with different chefs, athletes and celebs joining him in what he calls his "Oakley Café.

"There are already a few old episodes on YouTube, but he plans on expanding it further. "I love cooking. I just cooked for over 100 people the other day," he says casually, while picking at said delicious bacon. As for the Oak-Man's specialty dish? "I just know how to cook everything."

After he wipes his plate clean, he says it's just about time to head out to watch his friends do some golfing. But not before he analyzes one more sports league for me. When he asks where I went to college and I reply with an excited "Go Blue!"

He stares at me and responds, "No. Not against Alabama. That was embarrassing."

The Oak-Man has spoken.

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